Sunday, August 31, 2008

May God help them...

Hurricane Gustav is approaching Louisiana and will hit Gulf coast tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Although Gustav is now suuposedly a "force 3" hurricane, chances are that it will be a " force 4" when it will hit the ground. Even if it stays at "force 3", it is devastating winds, tornadoes and rains that will fall on not only Louisiana, but also Texas, Mississipi, Alabama and other states all around, including Florida.

And it's not because Walt disney World won't be in the eye of the hurricane this time that we must not have thoughts and prayers for those who - because they are too poor or for any other reasons - are stuck in their home, waiting for the arrival of the "monster". May God help them...

On the East coast, Hanna is still a tropical storm but its direction have changed and Hanna is now going towards North Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. It will take six days before Hanna hit the ground, but at that time the National Hurricane Center think that it may have transformed in a "force 1" hurricane...

But the "mother of all storms" as the mayor of New Orleans did called Gustav may not be this one, but another one that nobody is talking about. It's not yet a hurricane, and for now it still is at 400 miles of the coast of Africa, but it's coming from where almost ALL hurricanes begin their lives, i.e around the Cape Verde islands, West of Senegal.

Since three days the National Hurricane Center keep saying that there is a "high potential for tropical cyclone formation" in this area where you can see the red circle below with the number 2 ( the area of the yellow circle with the number 1 should not transform in hurricane ). And i have a bad feeling about it.

Four days ago, before it hit Haiti, Gustav was still a tropical storm. As usual, it's the hot waters of the Mexican Gulf - the perfect fuel for hurricanes - who changed it in a devastating "force 4" hurricane. But if what the National Hurricane Center is afraid of with this huge formation of clouds west of Cape Verde Islands become a hurricane in the next 48 hours, that will be something else. It won't be a tropical storm that will enter the Mexican Gulf, but an already monster hurricane, with all its huge power. And when the hot water of the Gulf will re-fuel him, chances are that this new monster will become for real "the mother of all storms". I sincerely hope that it won't happen.

Photos: copyright National Hurricane Center

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