Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rare Marc Davis Pirates of Caribbean artwork

What can be better than to discover rare artwork of a Disneyland beloved attraction? Today, here is a collection of rare Marc Davis renderings created for Pirates of Caribbean. Below, a picture of Marc in the 1960's at work.

You may know some of the renderings below, but a lot of them are pretty rare and the main reason is because they show scenes ideas that were not used in the attraction. So, enjoy them!

All Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc


Anonymous said...

Those are just beautiful, thank you Alain!

I think I saw three or four of the last ones hanging in the waiting area of the Blue Lagoon! Are those the originals?

Jason Rasmussen said...

Who did the picture that hangs in the dead pirate's tavern with the girl who has her hair properly covering her breasts? Is it possible to find a high resolution picture of this or a place where I could purchase a reproduction?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about a reproduction, but you'll find more info on her here: