Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Create your own fireworks over WDW Cinderella Castle !

it was the big Autumn announcement from Apple today. Steve Jobs - who is the biggest Disney stock-holder, let's not forget it - announced the new IPod Nano, a new design for the IPod Touch and the release of ITunes new function called "Genius".
So, let's participate to this event with a news about a fun new application for the IPhone, also released today on the Appstore. This new application called "IFireworks" will allow you to create your own fireworks over WDW Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle ! Okay, it 's only on your Iphone or Ipod Touch, but it's a good start!

Available in the ITunes AppStore for $0.99 ( and not $1.99 as i say on the video ) this application allows you to choose between 11 cities in the world - including New York, Paris, London, Las Vegas, etc...and Orlando. Once you have choose your city, all you have to do is to touch the screen to launch new fireworks rocket in the sky. The more you "touch" the screen, the more you send rockets. If you touch on the left of the screen, rockets will rise from the left, same if you touch the center or on the right, etc...very easy, pretty fun, and the $0.99 price is reasonable.

You will find it on the ITunes Appstore under the name: IFireworks and it works only on the IPhone and the IPod Touch. I did a video to show you how it works, and here it is below. Enjoy it!

Photo: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Disney and more

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