Thursday, September 11, 2008

A great "simulation" web site allows you to become a cast member in charge of an attraction !

It seems that the imagination - and the talent - of Disney fans have no limits. On this great simulation “flash” web site, Disney fans have created four simulations - one for the Florida tower of terror , and the three others for Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Phantom Manor , all Disneyland Paris versions.

You choose one of them, and from that point, and with the help of a control center, you’re supposed to be the cast member in charge of the attraction, and of course to take care of the load-unload, the trains departure, etc...

You’re the one who decide when the train must leave the station, when the doors of the Manor open or when the Tower of terror elevators can “lift off”. You can see the train - or the elevators - or the doom buggies moving on the track , guests coming inside the building and the boarding room, and sounds from the originals attractions are even include. For Big thunder mountain, you even have the choice between a day or night version, but beware of the “thunder storms” , as they can be dangerous before you launch a train...

All of them are real fun, and i think we must congratulate those who did it, because obviously it was a lot of work to do it, and specially to do it intelligently as they did.

Enough talk, just click HERE to play with these great simulations!

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