Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Bolt App Game for the IPhone - IPod Touch available now on ITunes App Store

A new application game for the IPhone and Ipod Touch was released two days ago on the Itunes App Store, and it's a BOLT game! And the game is FREE! That's a news that should delight those of you who own an IPhone or an IPod Touch, however i have to moderate any enthusiasm, and here is why.

First let me describe this Bolt app game. The application include the game, and two videos - the official trailer and a TV special commercial. Nothing that we've not seen before, but quite good image quality.

The game itself is all about the character Rhino the Hamster who is on a roll and trying to get to his favorite super dog - Bolt - as fast as he can.

All you have to do - thanks to the Iphone accelerometer - is to tilt your IPhone forward, backwards, left or right to guide Rhino through the city streets, avoiding cars and other obstacles on your way to the finish line.

On your way, you can collect bonus lightning bolts and hit the launching ramps for a - as they say - "fully awesome adventure".

Okay, this app game is free, and it's a good point, i agree. But first the app weight is 94,4 MB (!) which is incredibly heavy, probably because of the movie clips weight included in the application. However, it means that the app will take a lot of your available "space" on your IPhone-IPod Touch and, considering that people are downloading like crazy the applications of the App Store ( Apple announced yesterday that 200 millions applications were downloaded since the opening of the App Store in July ) i think it's a bit of a marketing strategy mistake to have released a such "heavy" application, even free.

The other problem is with the game itself. Graphics are simple but most of all, as i've said, basically all what you have to do is to guide Rhino through the streets, avoiding cars and other obstacles, and at the same time, collect the Bolt lightnings. The main problem is that - except the Rhino ball - everything is static. I mean, the cars don't move, nothing is moving, and it's a pity as it would have been much more fun to guide this little hamster in its ball through a dangerous "moving" traffic...

Anyway, the game is free, so if you have enough space available on your IPhone-IPod Touch, give it a try, you'll find it on the ITunes App Store under the name "Rhinoball".

Pictures: copyright Disney - AvatarLabs


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, i tried the game, played it twice and then kicked it off my ipod again. It's rather boring.

Anonymous said...

Watch Bolt online here: