Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough Video !

I was waiting for it, and here it is, the first available Youtube video of the new Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough, filmed by the always good Mintcrocodile. Please note that it is very dark inside the walkthrough - so dark that it is almost impossible to film, but Mintcrocodile did his best and had the good idea to include some pictures in the video to give a better idea of what one would be looking at.

But you will discover some of the nice WDI special effects, although it is incomparable with seeing them "directly" inside the attraction. Also, there is a nice photo report on Original D. May be it's even better to have a look at the Original D photo report before you watch the video below, what you will see on it will be more understandable.

Picture: copyright Disney

Youtube video: copyright Mintcrocodile. Many thanks to him. Have a look to more videos of Mintcrocodile HERE

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Matt said...

that actually does look pretty cool.