Thursday, November 27, 2008

LIFE at Walt Disney Studios circa 1938-1939

Here is a new series of LIFE Magazine beautiful historical pictures, and these one were shot in 1938 and 1939 by two different LIFE photographers. The five pictures below and the one above were shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Below, Walt Disney is chatting with a unidentified man in the hallway outside of his office.

Animator at Walt Disney studio holding cels of Mickey Mouse and Goofy she is working on for an animated cartoon.

Group of technicians in sound production room at Walt Disney Studio holding and banging various items while recording sound effects; they are using hanging mikes and handheld boom.

Walt Disney sitting casually at desk in his office.

Walt Disney talking with Leopold Stokowski - the concert director in Fantasia - at his studio.

The next pictures are from 1939, and were shot by Peter Stackpole. Below, Walt Disney with his staff of animators - Ward Kimball is in the center - looking over footage in the movieola editing machine from his latest picture "Pinocchio".

On the two next pictures, Walt is with animator Ward Kimball as he works out new piece of action for character Jiminy Cricket in the feature length cartoon "Pinocchio".

This next picture was shot a bit later in 1949 by J. R. Eyerman, but there is a reason why I include it here. On the picture, Bank of America Vice President Bernard Giannini is discussing bank loan with Walt Disney and his brother Roy. The Bank of America was a big help to the Walt Disney Studios, thanks to this man, Walt and Roy were able to produce many of the great animation movies we all love!

Again, all these pictures are coming from the fantastic LIFE archives now available on the web. Also, i want to let you know that if you love a picture from the LIFE archives there is possibility to order it to them and have a beautiful print on "Kodak Professional Supra Endura paper with matte finish". You have the choice between different sizes, it is delivered framed and prices begin at $79.99. Could be a good idea for a Christmas gift! Here is a link to know more about these prints - the link is for the picture of Walt standing behind Ward Kimball, but it is of course possible to order any picture.

All pictures: copyright Time-Life


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