Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas lights everywhere at Disney theme parks !

Everywhere you look in Walt Disney World, the holidays are coming to life, starting with the 200,000 lights that decorate Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom and cover it with sparkling ice from top to toe. On the video below, you'll see how the Disney Imagineers make this phenomenal transformation take shape.

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Each holiday season, the streets of Disney's Hollywood Studios sparkle with five million lights. In 1995, Walt Disney World adopted the displays from Little Rock's Jennings Osborne after his neighbors grumbled. Now, Disney crews start work in March to get ready for guests in November and December as they will explain you on this next video.

Talking about Osborne family lights, Walt Disney Entertainment's Mark O'Connor, who designs the holiday display each year at Walt Disney World Resort, offers a few tips on how to make your holiday display more magical, economical and safe.

On the next video, have a look to the Christmas season at Disneyland Resort Paris, including the Enchanted Candlebration ceremony and, for the first time, the Santa Claus Post Office where guests can mail their Christmas wish-lists.

Finally, each holiday season at Disney's Beach Club Resort in Florida, a team of pastry chefs builds a giant gingerbread carousel in the hotel lobby. Every visible part is edible -- the chocolate and fondant horses, the gingerbread floor and canopy, the white chocolate figures of Mickey Mouse and his friends, sugar poinsettias -- even the accents of star anise and cinnamon stick.

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Anonymous said...

How about Hong Kong Disneyland? They have a very nice Christmas ball.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about Hong Kong Disneyland - it´s best to ignore the place completely

Anonymous said...

wow i am the biggest disney fan so yall can stop loving it. bc it loves me more than you guys. HAHA suck it,
?But this is cool

Anonymous said...

It nice illumination!
I went to TOkyo Disney land!

Anonymous said...

Ummm sorry to be nerd... but it is not Cinderellas castle, it is Sleeping beauty's castle... I at least I think so... I am pretty sure... maybe 90% sure.. well love the pics! You disney Freaks!

Alain Littaye said...

Sorry, but you're wrong, the castle at WDW is Cinderella Castle, Sleeping Beauty's castle is at Disneyland or at DLP and HKDL.