Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why " Tales from the Laughing Place " magazine is a must for any Disney Theme Park Fan

“Tales from the Laughing Place Magazine isn’t so much a magazine as it is a collector’s item for anyone who loves Disney”

“…this magazine is everything a Disney fan wants”

“It’s filled with some really nice stuff a Disney Geek/Fan will just go giddy over”

“You'll find loads of interviews with the artists and Imagineers, and there are ALWAYS nuggets in there for a Disneyphile.”

Are all these quotes from Tales from the Laughing Place readers right? Not only they are, but they are under reality: Tales of a Laughing Place is simply the best - and only regular - publication dedicated to Disney. And i add: the most beautiful.

As you know, Disney and more is all about Disney, but it's also about beauty. This is why you always find the best pictures and artwork, and almost each time in high-resolution. Simply because it's the best tribute to WDI Imagineers work.

Well, if you love Disney AND beauty, you will love Tales from the Laughing Place, as the magazine layouts are gorgeous. Have a look at the pictures below of some pages, and you'll understand what i mean.

But not only Tales from the Laughing Place is a stunningly beautiful magazine, but the articles are fantastic! Remember Lee MacDonald's article last week about the awaited TDL Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek attraction? And how great was the article? Well, each Tales from the Laughing Place issue is full of those incredibly good articles. And there is a good reason for that: The Tales from the Laughing Place team have always access to interviews with WDI Imagineers and unseen renderings, pictures, etc...

Whether it's about Disney theme parks or Disney musicals or Anniversary celebration like the great issue they did about Epcot 25th anniversary, Tales from the Laughing Place is a pure delight. One of the latest issue was celebrating Animal Kingdom 10th anniversary and the next "Tales" to come will have exclusive interviews on the development of Tokyo Disneyland with rare and unseen artwork from WDI archives!

Until now, 15 issues were released and the good news are that you still can order all the previous issues, except number one which is out of stock - but you can get it on the CD Rom including the six first issues. Each issue is $10 plus shipping, but the best of course is to take the four issues subscription at $40 including shipping. The CD Rom include the six first issues and cost $29.99.

Have a look at the Tales from the Laughing Place web site where you'll learn more about this wonderful magazine and the different issues, and don't hesitate to subscribe. Believe me, it will be for yourself a GREAT gift!

Pictures: copyright Tales from the Laughing Place

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Anonymous said...

I must agree that it is a wonderful magazinealthough it can get very "artsy" at times.
My only complaint would be that for each issue I have to send them Emails asking when I recieve my copy.I also subscibe to the new Celebration magazine and have recieved the first 2 edditions as soon as they came out.
I am still waiting for the new issue!!!!!