Friday, January 9, 2009

All Disneyland Resort Paris in 3D on Google Earth, March 28

Last year Walt Disney World was fully re-created in 3D on Google Earth, and i must say that the work done by the Google guys was outstanding.

I strongly suggest those of you who never saw the result to download the latest version of Google Earth and to have a look at it, it will give you an idea of how a Disneyland Paris 3D on google Earth will look like in three months from now, as on March 28, this "DLP 3D" should be available, for free, as usual. At this time, each of you will be able to "move" inside Disneyland Paris, the Walt Disney Studios and the resort. A great way to discover it for those of you who have never been at DLRP!

In the meantime, here is, above and below, some screen captures of the WDW 3D, as well as a video previously released by Disney Parks which tells you everything you need to know to see this WDW 3D on Google Earth. WDW is now automatically in 3D, so you don't need any more to click on the "mouse ears" as they say in the video.

Screen captures: copyright Google Earth

Video: copyright Disney Parks


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Sil said...

YAY Finally it's on!

Anonymous said...

This project is amazing! Though I believe that the 3D Modeling work was done by Disney, and not Google.

If you haven't already, everyone should check out these spectacular HD videos of DLRP in 3D:

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