Thursday, January 8, 2009

" Art of UP ! " book cover reveals new " UP ! " characters

The new "Art of UP!" book is now on sale on The coffee table book written by Tim Hauser will be released only on May 13 by Chronicle Books, but the book cover who was put on line on Chronicle Books web site last week reveals a bit more about this Pixar "mystery movie".

I say "mystery movie" because we must admit that we don't know a lot about it, except this synopsis from the official "UP!" web site...

...or this sneak-peek video presented by UP! director Pete Docter.

And until know, that's all what we knew about the storyline and "UP!" characters. And then arrived this "Art of" book and its cover - which, by the way, was removed from both Chronicle Books and Amazon web sites ( the cover only, the book is still on pre-order sale ). And what can we see on it, if we have a closer look? Two others "UP!" characters! A dog and a bird. Well, let me introduce them by their names as they are called Dug the talking dog and Kevin the female bird. We also know that the villain's name is Muntz, but no image of him available yet.

What Dug the dog and Kevin the bird are exactly doing in the movie is another story that we don't know yet, but be sure i'll let you know as soon as I know more...although this may take some months as the secret around this movie is well kept by Pixar.

The "Art of UP!" book includes 250 full color illustrations from production and development and a foreword from Pete Docter.
You can order it now at special price - $26.40 instead of $40 - on the Disney and more Amazon store

Talking about "UP!", Disney released last month a new clip from the movie. For those of you who may have missed it, here it is below!

Let's end with two other images. The first one was previously released by Entertainment Weekly...

And this next one showing also Carl and Russell in South America on the Empire web site.

Artwork and videos: copyright Disney-Pixar

Book cover: copyright Chronicle Books and Pixar


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Great post, thanks for detailed pictures and the little Disney preview. Balloon salesman wannabe ... ; )

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