Sunday, March 29, 2009

DLP Mickey's Magical Party Opening event - Part One : WDS Stars and Cars Parade and Playhouse Disney Live on Stage

It was the opening Event of DLP's Mickey's Magical Party yesterday and here is the full report in three parts. Plenty of pictures - a mix of my pictures and Disney's official pictures, and lot of videos too! In this first part we'll see what's new at the Walt Disney Studios, beginning with the new Stars 'n' Cars parade.

The cars of this Stars 'n' Cars parade were previously at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it seems that the music is also the same. Honestly, i liked it, i think the cars are nicely themed, good music, characters were fine, so i think it wioll be a enjoyable parade for the WDS. The cars arrive by the backstage door located on the right of Aladdin's Flying Carpet and go to the "Place des Stars" where they stop.
Now, yesterday, the worst thing that can happen during a press event happened, i.e a huge storm with tons of rains and ice! Unbelievable. Some pictures below will give you an idea how this storm was powerful.

The characters then go down and there is a small show in front of the stage with a Hollywood backdrop.

Then they met the audience and sign some autographs...

Before getting back in the cars (always under the rain) which goes back by the same road and exit the park using the same door they went in (sun was coming back).

From where i was located i could film the arrival of the cars but not the show, this is why you won't see it on the video below. Please note also that the vertical rays that appear sometime in the video are reflection of the lights in front on me in the camera lens.

At the Art of Animation guests of this opening event could see a "Mickey's Ears exhibit". The park asked a lot of celebrities to design Mickey's ears and all of them were displayed in the attraction's post show. The design of each of these Mickey's ears are supposed to have the "personality" of the V.I.P. It was also the place for T.V inteviews of some of these V.I.P like famous rugby man Sebastien Chabal or musician Phil Collins.

It was time to have a look at the only new attraction that open this year, the Playhouse Disney live on stage, located in the former Disney Channel studios. It's obviously an attraction for very young kids nut the park didn't had one, so it's welcome.

Good news as soon as you enter as the pre-show room is really nice. Guests can sitdown and watch some videos while they wait for the show itself or meet and greet with characters of the show.

The show is presented in three different languages - french, english and spanish - at different hours each day. If you wonder why "spanish" instead og german or italian, it's because the Playhouse Disnet TV show is tremendously popular on Spain. And there is a good reason as the Disney Channel is free in Spain ( in France you have to pay and it's a cable-channel) and so many more people are watching it!

The show iself is fine. As i've said, it's for really young kids, and there is no seats - the audience is sitting on the floor. Four parts in the show with the different characters of the TV show- Mickey and friens, Little Einstein, Winnie and Tiger and another one i don't remember. Some special effects too, like bubbles falling from the ceiling,etc happen during the show which is the same that one can see at DCA.
The audience yesterday enjoyed the show and i think that the show should be popular, specially with families with young children.

Below, some pictures of the show as well as many short videos for each part. I could not attend the english version so the show you'll see below is in english language.

At the exit, the outside wall is also decorated with the show's characters and families use them as photo locations to take pictures with their children.

In the part two coming soon, we'll have a look to what happened at the Disneyland park!

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Disney Pictures: copyright Disney

Other pictures and videos: copyright Disney and more and Alain Littaye


Sebastiaan said...

Stars & Cars parade looks amazing! Are the Starwars and Powerrangers on the tour or have they been replaced?

Alain Littaye said...

No, there is no Star Wars or Power Rangers cars in the parade.

swi! said...

Looks like the 4th segment of Playhouse Disney is Hanny Manny.

Anonymous said...

alain they same show at both park disneyland ,and disney world the new ones not old ones at playhouse disney right?