Monday, March 30, 2009

DLP Mickey's Magical Party Opening event - Part Two: Discoveryland Stitch Show

Here is the part two of the Mickey's Magical Party event, and this time we will have a look to what's new at the Disneyland Park, always with lot of pictures and videos.
I should also have confirmation later today of a major change coming soon at the Walt Disney Studios and i'll let you know.

In Main Street U.S.A the 15th Anniversary decorations are now replaced with a new Mickey's Magical Party theming. By the way, as you will see, the weather was always "stormy".

On Central Plaza the new stages for the main show are now ready. Note the "walls" of the stages which match quite well with the Castle's walls.

On the Castle itelf a new element appears with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto.

Inside Videopolis guests can watch now old Mickey cartoons, on three screens.

But what's really new in Discoveryland is the new Stitch show in front of the Star Traders shop. Basically, it's a dance show with Stitch arriving in what is supposed to be his space ship. After a few minutes, Stitch appear and will be the "D.J" of this dance show. On the ground, circle with four colours were painted and this was done for the guests to help them during some special dance movements. When i was there, only children were "dancing" but may be grown-ups will join them this summer - it's still a bit cold in Paris right now, you're not really in the mood for outdoor dancing...

Okay, enough pictures, here is the video of the show! (in three parts). Please note that during the filming i was located near the loudspeakers, so the sound is a bit saturated. The best is that you put the sound a bit down on your computer, it will be more pleasant for your ears.

In part three of this special MMP event report, i will talk about the evening itself, with the awaited "Mickey and Friends" show on Central Plaza!

Disney pictures: copyright Disney

other pictures: copyright Disney and more - Alain Littaye


Sebastiaan said...

Hi Alain,

"Inside the Visionarium guests can watch now old Mickey cartoons, on three screens."

I think you men Videopolis as Visionaruim is closed and replaced by Buzz Lightyear.

Take Care,


Maureen said...

yes, judging from the photo, two screens seems to be now on the videopolis stage ! What about the african music show ?

Alain Littaye said...

Sorry, m fault, i mean, inside VIDEOPOLIS, of course!

john321 said...

Alain, the amount of work you put into those posts is quite impressive, you do this for a living?

Back to the post itself.

I really liked the Stars 'n Cars parade of the previous post. It is original, funny and perfectly fits into the theme of the Studios.

I'm not so sure about this whole "Magical Party" stuff in the Disneyland Park... The Stitch thing in Discoveryland reminds me of the "animation program" of a cheap all-inclusive-summer-resort on some Spanish island. I've not yet seen the "Magical Party" on the central plaza.

But I for one would love to see this part of the park back in its original state. I think the new "plaque" in front of the castle is ugly, as are the new "earful spires", please give us the gold-plated originals! After two years of 15th-anniversary-overlay (which I personally did like, but two years were more than enough), it would be great to have the original back for a while.

The same for the central hub. I almost forgot what it looks like without something stuck in the middle (I found a picture: This new stage looks quite well-adapted to its surroundings, but it blocks the whole central hub. They have this large stage right in front of the castle, perfectly aligned with a backdrop at least as beautifully imagineered as the backdrop from the hub itself (the stage and the fittings for the lights aligns perfectly with the castle, go check it yourself ;). They have benches, stadium seating and even the parade can pass right trough... Much more people would be able to enjoy the show, without blocking the pathways for others.

Also, I hate those huge white columns on Main Street. I can live with them during Christmas season or really special events (as they add something to the atmosphere), but Main Street looks best without them blocking your view.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA....Block Party Bash music in the new Stitch show...

I like it.