Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Disney Hollywood Studios 20th Anniversary Celebration - Part One - Original artwork

Remember the Epcot original artwork series of articles i did recently? Well, the same day i was at WDW photo library during the 25th anniversary press event, i also had the good idea to ask them some material about the Disney MGM Studios - which they delivered to me after approval of WDW Imagineering. Now, with the digital era we are living in i'm not sure it will still be possible to have access to the photo library, but in those days of the end of the 90's, everybody was still using slides...

So, here is the part one of this Disney MGM Studios celebration, with lot of original artwork, and probably many that you will see for the first time. The first one ABOVE is of course a park overview, without the Sunset Boulevard which will be added later.

Next one is another one showing the whole park, from a different angle, and probably an early concept...

...just like this one, showing the soundstage and support buildings.

This one show the Hollywood Boulevard...

And on this one we can see a "Pooh Hollywood corner"...was the shop really built? I'm not sure, but tell me if i'm wrong...

This next one is a bird eye view of the Indiana Jones epic stunt spectacular building.

And this rendering show the final explosion scene.

Now, here are some interesting renderings, as i think - once again, please correct me if my wrong - that they're showing never realised attractions. And the one below show a kind of "filming tour" where guests would have been able to look behind windows to the real shooting of a movie - just like in the animation tour you were able to watch Disney artists working.

Here is another one, probably from the same concept.

Does anyone know to which attraction this next one is related - it seems to be the shooting of a tv show...

As well as this one, maybe the preshow of the one above...

The caption on the slide for the one below is: "Sounds effects theatre"

This one is for the Tram Tour on the New York street.

And here are three renderings for the Catastrophe canyon scene.

Next, is a rendering for the Honey i shrunk the kids playground.

And here is a picture of the model, with two WDI imagineers...

And another photo, shot during the making of the HISTK playground.

This last rendering is also related to an attraction based on the Honey i shrunk the kids movie, and i don't remember if it was finally built or not...i think it was - or is it not? Anybody knows?

Don't miss the part two coming soon, with a tribute to the Great Movie ride and the Chinese Theater replica!

All artwork: copyright Disney


Gary said...

The TV show would appear to be the old show in American Idol's location - it was a show where audience members would participate in "live" filmings of different shows. They may possibly have been volunteers to "ast" in them

The walkway above a soundstage is the building next to what is currently Toy Story Mania. I believe it even overlooked Who Wants To Be a Millionare (one of the "phone a complete stranger" locations) and used to look over a soundstage, possibly for a Mortal Kombat show?
The child on a giant ant was from an earlier version of the backlot tour that wen throgh a soundstage. I seem to remeber having a lot of 101 Dalmations (live action) themeing to it.

Mark said...

Once again, just beautiful!Thank you!

Shawn Slater said...

The television show attraction was called SuperStar Television and operated in the theater now home to The American Idol Experience, from 1989-1998. Ten Guests were selected from the audience during the pre-show, then invited backstage to put on costumes and take part in the show. Using digital green-screen technology, the Guests were made to appear as if they were starring in scenes from classic TV shows, right alongside the celebrities: Today Show, Cheers, Golden Girls, General Hospital, Bonanza, The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Home Improvement (added later).

The sound effects theater, now home to Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey, was originally The Monster Sound Show. Guest volunteers were brought up to a Foley stage and shown how sound effects are added to films. They would then try their hand at it, for an original short film starring Martin Short and Chevy Chase.

The walking segment of the Backstage Studio Tour (later split off as a separate attraction first called Inside the Magic: Special Effects and Production Tour, then rebranded as Backstage Pass). Part of the attraction included a visit to the Special Effects Laboratory and Shooting Stage. The artwork you've shown is an early concept for the Shooting Stage. The only part that was built was the giant bee. Two child volunteers were picked to get strapped onto the top of the bee, then inserted into scenes from Honey I Shrunk the Kids to help explain how these special effects were done. The ant ultimately came to life as a prop in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure playground, when it opened in late 1990.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Anonymous said...

As others have already said:

Pics 8 and 9 are not an unrealised attraction, they are part of the original (2 hr plus long) backlot tour. Guests could view real films / TV shows being shot in the sound stages below as they walked along a catwalk.

Pic 10 is Superstar TV.

- Tasman

Anonymous said...

The "Pooh" store was built; it's on Sunset Blvd. and called "Legends of Hollywood". I found some photos here:

I worked as a College Program Cast Member in 1998 at Mickey's of Hollywood, and we were told during training that the "Legend's" store was "able to be transformed in 24 hours" from one theme to another. Interestingly, the last 24-hour makeover occurred either late that summer or early fall when it changed from an "Armageddon" store to Winnie-the-Pooh. It has kept it's Pooh focus for years. When I went to the store in 2008, it was Pooh-Plus (Pooh plus the general WDW merchandise).

I miss when the stores did more to support the theme--here at DHS and elsewhere at WDW/DL. I'm a huge fan of "Hollywood" and loved the idea of a store that celebrates Disney's latest release (think of the Disney Soda Fountain at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood). I miss when the Studio Store in Animation Courtyard sold only studio-related items such as clap boards and fake Oscars, and when Syd Caheunga's had real props and clothing from Disney and Touchstone films. In the early 90s, my Mom wanted to buy a blouse that Cher wore in some movie. Today, we walk right in and out of the store. It was fun to browse through star clothing and other memorabilia. Looking at framed photos/signatures: not so much.

Robert/Cologne said...

I remember myself walking through behind those windows for the tour.Sometimes curtains were closed if big stars were on the set(I believe Bette Middler was there once when I did the tour).Someone also mentioned Mortal Combat and if I remember correctly it was filmed there as on a second tour I had seen the sets.

Matt said...

brilliant work! thanks again for the great articles!

Matt said...

would you happen to know who did rendering #1, 2, 3 & 6?