Sunday, April 26, 2009

" Pirates League " , a new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for boys will open this summer at WDW

Great news for all young boys who are dreaming to be a pirate, as "Pirates League", a new kind of "Bibbidi Bobbidi" Boutique specially designed for boys should open this summer inside WDW Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop area.

Supposedly located in an area between the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance and the Pirates Merchandise shop, this new "Pirates League" as described WDW Magic will be an experience "less about hair and makeup, and more about costume and accessories, including some pirate and swordsmanship training".

Another blog, DisneyShawn, described it as an "all-new immersive experience where young Guests may assume pirate identities, be transformed into a pirate by a Pirate Master, and gain access to a secret treasure room".

And the Sentinel’s Theme Park Rangers blog says "Participants will receive pirate names before receiving a variety of accessories, including beards, eye patches, scarves, scars, earrings and gold teeth. These will be applied by a “veteran pirate” with sea-sailing tales. After taking a sacred oath and an official portrait, guests will be part of Jack Sparrow’s gang".

Wow, that looks cool, doesn'it? I wish i could be 8 years old again!

The "Pirates League" should open in July, may be in June, and in the meantime, if you're not too old to be a pirate, you can dream on the great rendering above. And for the prices of the "Pirates packages" - starting at $49.95 - have a look on the Sentinel’s Theme Park Rangers blog.

Hat Tip to WDWMagic, DisneyShawn and Sentinel’s Theme Park Rangers blog

Artwork: copyright Disney


Unknown said...

Does any parks have a shop as at DLRP ? i mean, at POTC end, all haven't a Pirate like us ?
the sketch look like our POTC shop...

Mark said...

Hate the idea but LOVE the concept art!


Unknown said...

When I think of this going to Disneyland I say to myself, "Please no!" We just got Bipidi Bopiti Boutique and there isn't enough land for this.

Kevin Bruehl said...

This looks fantastic!! Disney knows their audience. Whenever I go there, I always see little kids are dressed up as Disney princesses or dressed up as Pirates. Bibbiddi Boppity Boutique is the perfect spot for children and same with the Pirates League, maybe theme it like the Brethren Court, with the Nine Pirate Lords, kids would love that, I know I would. I'd love to see this next time I go to Orlando.