Friday, May 22, 2009

Universal Studios and Paramount will open two theme parks in South Korea !

South Koreans are lucky people as in 2011 and 2013 Paramount and Universal Studios will open new theme parks in the country!

The first one - picture above - will be a Paramount Park in 2011. Located in Songdo International City and spanning across more than 120 acres, Paramount Movie Park Korea will feature more than 30 attractions and several thrill rides based on Titanic, Mission Impossible, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and other movies hits from the studio.

They're also talking about an Indiana Jones attraction but it feels strange to me that they can do it in a non-Disney theme park. However, as Indiana Jones movies were from Paramount, everything is possible. Aspects of Korean entertainment and pop culture will be also incorporated into the park's attractions.
Always in this Paramount Park guests will find a waterpark, and a themed 4-stars resort hotel.

You will note on the picture on the top the Titanic ship and the mountain in the center... this a reminiscence from a visit to Tokyo Disney Sea and what they could have learn out of it?

Universal Studios Korea will open two years later in 2013 in the Hwaseong Green City and the park will include 9 different theme areas, including one focused on both the Korean and International movie industry. Plenty of thrill rides of course - we can expect the most famous one such as those based on Spider-Man, King Kong, and Jurassic Park, and also a water park, shopping malls including a premium outlet mall, hotels, and a "city walk" and a convention center. The park should be three times the size of Universal Studios Hollywood or Orlando, and six times the size of Universal Studios-Osaka!

If you remember an old Disney and more article, MGM also had a theme park project in South korea. Thinkwell company is designing it, and here are three renderings to show you more: the entrance, Hollywood way , and above, a bird's eye view.

The press release described it two years ago as "a world-class theme park, entertainment retail complex and resort hotel. Not a traditional ride park, MGM Studio Park will be an innovative new experience theme park, will consist of unique themed attractions, innovative rides, experiences, original shows & spectaculars and a brand new kind of movie attraction for an all-day experience."

"Hollywood Way, the entertainment retail complex connected to the entrance of MGM Studio Park, is a fantasy backlot come alive with amazing retail, exclusive dining and one-of-a kind MGM branded experiences, nightlife, entertainment and more."

Supposed to open near Incheon Airport first in 2010 and now in 2012 the construction has yet to begin, and it seems they may be a little late in this "theme park war" that will begin soon between these three major companies!

Pictures: copyright Paramount Parks, Universal Studios, MGM


Sil said...

I still don't know why the Theme Parks industry is focused on Asia. I mean... I think that a Theme park MUST be a place where you can have fun and experience everything, but also, I think that it's a place where different nations and different cultures can have that experiences together and I'm not seeing americans or europeans travelling to Asia to go to a theme park, like I see asians travelling to America and Europe. If you go to a theme park in Asia you will see almost only people from Asia and makes that park less attractive than the others. In Europe, (and I don't say America cuz I've never been there) when you go to a theme park you can walk down a street with an american guy, experience a coaster with an asian guy, have a meal with an european guy and shop with an african guy and that's what make theme parks so unique: the multicultural air that you can feel.

For me, theme parks should be built in Europe, and that's not because I live in Europe, that's because I think that a park full with asian people (or any other ethnicity - don't wanna be racist!) makes the excitement of going to that park decrease a lot, for me.

Alain Littaye said...

Sil, the reason why they build theme parks in Asia is simple:
1) Asian love theme parks and spend a lot of money in merchandise
2) there is 2 BILLION people living in the Asia area

Got the idea?

Gilad said...

It's understandable why building in asia is a good idea but what I don't like in building theme parks outside of the u.s. is that only the natives will understand what's going on there because the theme park is entirely in a foreign language and that's really not fun.
If you go to a theme park in america, everybody who learned english in school (like me for example) can understand and participate in the experience.
There is a 100% chance that I won't go there because of the aboves.

Matt said...

I really don't understand the problem with any specific country or culture having their own theme park. As Alain said, in the end, it's primarily about money and demand.

Honestly, the above comments do sound a little racist, or at least egotistical, because why should you care if one country is more homogeneous than another?

Yes, if you're an English speaking American and want to visit TDL, you have to be prepared to wear a translating device - just as if any other non-English speaking person visits any park in America (or Europe). What's the big deal? You travel to another country, be prepared to adapt to their customs/language, not the other way around.

I understand that some think these parks are trying to draw visitors from everywhere on the globe, but I think that mindframe has lessened a bit with the contruction of all these parks on all these continents. They're bringing the experience to the people who really want it, not the other way around.

Jeez. The more I write about this, the more I think how backward those arguments above sound.

robert said...

hey alain there are any change for new disneyland resort in south korea ?

Sil said...

I see what you mean, I just think that Asia has enough parks. Asia may have 2 billion people living there but most of them will never know what a theme park is. I'm not against the Theme Parks in Asia, I'm just against the extravagant number of theme parks opening in Asia in the next few years... Only that! I want everybody to have the opportunity to try a theme park but, for instances, in Portugal, where I live, you can't experience a theme park without travelling into Spain and I feel a bit angry seeing that South Korea will have two new parks 'till 2013. If I want to try a rollercoaster I have to travell more than 400Km into Sevilla or more than 600Km into Madrid and the South Koreans will have two parks just a few milles away. That's what makes me feel angry with this situation. I do not want them to don't build theme parks in Asia, I want them to build theme parks in different areas all over the world.

Alain Littaye said...

Robert, for now there is no plans from the WDC to build a theme park in South Korea, sorry.

Matt said...

Sil, I do understand your frustration because you are an obvious lover of amusement parks, like many other people all over the world. In the end it really just comes down to the bottom line - profits.

Additionally, I suspect the reason for three parks in SK instead of just one is purely competition - that's why so many parks of differing companies are buttressed right up against one another all over the world.

Lastly, consider this: Just as you would be extremely elated if a park was built in your backyard, think of the little kids that are busting happy that it's being built in theirs.

Brian said...

To be honest, I never heard about Universal building themeparcs, are they part of the disney-company or are they competitors?
Must say that their plans look really great actually, and when they would build all this on the pictures, they would immediately have a themeparc just as big as a Disney-parc.

Sil said...

Matt, I totally agree with you just what I'm trying to say, since the beggining is that, instead of 3 parks in South Korea, why not 1 park in Portugal and another two in South Korea, that would make everybody happy - me and the other kids - (ok, I'm being selfish saying Portugal, but it's just for the example) but the competition speaks higher and I can see what those companies want: $$$$$$$
I'm sure that if was one of them I will also look for $$$$ and not for people's satisfaction. Too bad world's like this.

To sum up and to make it clear, I don't wanna be arrogant at any time. If I was in the past, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to have a totally healthy and peaceful discussion. I felt that I had to say this because I'm Portuguese and sometimes I don't have enough vocabulary to say things in the most pacific way. If I was incorrect, at any time, please forgive me.

Gis said...

uhm @_@ cant believe what i red
in any case, i am envious! :D
almost no theme parks where I live!

Hugs everyone!

Anonymous said...

so anyone have any speculation on any rides based on the pictures? besides just titanic and lara croft (bleh!)

RandySavage said...

^^ At the Paramount Park, the haunted house at the top of the illustration is for a dark ride based on "The Spiderwick Chronicles." The rollercoaster around the Roman ruins is likely based on "The Italian Job." The Mayan Pyramid and mountain suggest "Lara Croft."

For Universal, in the foreground you can see a reproduction of IOA's Lost Continent including the demolished Enchanted Oak and Dueling Dragons. Jurassic Park is in the background. Mummy in the foregroung (part of Lost Continent).

RandySavage said...

I've scene artwork for a "Mission: Impossible" Stunt Show and Star Trek rollercoaster called "The Final Frontier", which may also be included in the Paramount Park.

Anonymous said...

any chance you can show some of the star trek artwork? I've always thought that star trek has needed some theme park representation besides the recently closed las vegas mini park.

Anonymous said...

South Korea is getting around a total of five Theme Parks by 2014, MGM Studios Korea, Paramount Movie Park Korea, Universal Studios Park Korea, and two Robot Theme parks.

Why in Korea?
The exposive amounts of theme parks in South Korea is to boost tourism, open new industries, boost the rapid growth of the robotic industry, and help South Korea's poor image. South Korea is located between China to the West and Japan to the East in East Asia, the biggest growth center of the world.

Anonymous said...

Their was once a proposal for Disneyland Korea, but it has been canceled. Disneyland was going to be built in Seoul National Park, but since the project is cancelled the empty lot is up for grabs for any other project.

The Social Studies Project said...

Sil, you do indeed sound egoistical and racist. You should not have that arrogant mindset that your nation must be on par with others or be better or that everything must go your way, that is really selfish. South Korea and Japan are countries known to have the image of having great theme parks and existing theme parks have been earning big bucks for developers, thus, it may seem appropriate for these theme park developers to bulid parks there. On the other hand, when I visit Portugal, I do not go there for their theme parks but for the sweet sight-seeing opportunites! Your mind should not just be thinking straight, remember that there is a world of possibilities out there!

Anonymous said...

This was exactly what I used to be trying to find! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This will be kinda late

@ the comments up there (the english-speaking people)

Singapore's Universal Studios is in English, so pls do not assume that all major theme parks in Asia is in another language.

FYI, Singapore is not in China. That's what most westerners assume :)

@sil no point ranting... it depends on the economic capability and tourism rate in your country. Singapore, Japan and Korea are one of the few richest Asian countries.