Friday, May 22, 2009

Want to go at Disneyland Paris right NOW ? And for FREE ? Then, go on Google Earth and wonder at the new Disneyland Paris 3D !

In a previous article three months ago i let you know that a re-creation in 3D of Disneyland Paris was coming anytime soon on Google Earth. Well, here it is, and let me tell you that the guys of Google Earth did a STUNNING job! As you will see on all the screen captures i did for you, it's absolutely FANTASTIC. Even better than the WDW 3D already available on Google Earth.

Absolutely every thing of both parks AND the Disney Village AND all the hotels are re-created in 3D. For anyone who never had the luck to visit DLP it's as close as you can get of the real thing. And DLP super-fans as well as Imagineers who've built this gorgeous park will be in heaven as you can fly over the parks or "move" inside the lands, just like if you were there!

Everything is free and all you have to do is to download Google Earth last version if you don't have it yet. Then, you launch the program and type as key words "Disneyland Paris". AND, very important, you must choose on the left bar "3D buildings" to have the 3D buildings appearing. Once you're over DLP, zoom inside the image.

There we go for a "fly" over Disneyland Resort Paris! Please double-click on each image to see it in big size, you'll be amaze! Let's begin by the first park with this view of the Disneyland Hotel and the Fantasia Gardens.

Let's fly now over the Disneyland Hotel and have a look at Main Street.

Here is the City Hall, and then a Main Street overview.

Another view of Main Street, facing the Disneyland Hotel.

A view and a "zoom" on the castle, as seen from Central Plaza.

Tinkerbell is even there, at the top!

And if you go down, a surprise awaits you at the castle's door: Mickey is welcoming you!

They even recreated in 3D the INSIDE of the castle! Incredible.

Let's fly now to Frontierland. The building that you see on the top left are the Walt Disney Studios. When you're in the park for real, you don't see them, there is no visual intrusion.

Here is Frontierland Fort and Big Thunder Mountain.

A cloder look to Big Thunder Mountain seen on different angle, as well as Phantom Manor and the Riverboat. Look carefully, and you'll notice the BTM trains on the mountain!

Another view and a close shot on Phantom Manor.

A Frontierland overview and the Molly Brown in the front.

Big Thunder loading building and the Fuente Del Oro Restaurant.

The Cowboy Cookout barbecue restaurant and the back of Frontierland.

The Frontierland Station and Woody's Round-Up area.

Let's fly to Adventureland Entrance!

Swiss Robinson Tree and Indiana Jones in the background, as well as Colonel Hathi's restaurant.

A close shot of Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril.

Captain Hook ship, Skull rock and Pirates of Caribbean fortress and entrance.

Let's move to Fantasyland. Here is Dumbo, Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Fantasyland Station and Toad Hall.

A close shot on Alice's Curious Labyrinth.

Mad Hatter tea cups, the Old Mill and It's A Small World.

Story Book Land and Casey Jr.

It's A Small World facade.

Lancelot Carousel and Pinocchio dark ride as well as the back of the castle and Fantasyland shops on the left.

Let's fly to Discoveryland! Gorgeous views whether you see it from Central Plaza...

...or from Autopia...

...or from anywhere else!

You can zoom on Space Mountain cannon and even see the train inside!

Or fly over the Orbitron and Buzz Lightyear.

And did they also recreated in 3D the Walt Disney Studios, you ask? You bet they did! Here is the entrance of the WDS and the Front Lot.

The Tower of Terror and Toon Studio seen over the Studio 1.

The Hollywood Blvd and the Art of Animation building. In the background, the Tram Tour station.

Toon Studio seen over the Animagique building.

The Cars Race Rally attraction as well as Crush's Coaster and Aladdin Flying carpet.

By the way, if you wonder where the awaited Toy Story Playland that will open in 2010 will be build, it's right HERE.

Another view of the park on a different angle.

A front view of the Tower of Terror and Hollywood Blvd.

A different angle, in direction to Armaggedon and Rock and Roller coaster attractions.

The Moteurs, Action Stunt Show decor seen from where the guests seats normally.

As i told you they've also recreated in 3D the Disney Village and the hotels. Here is the entrance of the Disney Village and the Planet Hollywood restaurant.

You can "move" inside the village...

Or see it from another angle as guests can see it from the balloon.

Around Lake Disney, the hotel New York...

And the Sequoia Lodge and the Newport Bay hotels.

You can also fly over the Cheyenne hotel...

...and the Santa Fe hotel, next to the Cheyenne.

Whooof, that was incredible, wasn't it? Frankly, they did an amazing job. On a marketing point of view this DLP 3D will be a fantastic tool as guests planning to visit the parks and stay at the hotels can now have a look to where-is-what before they arrive at DLP.

Once again, you can zoom, move in every land, etc... So go now on Google earth, as what you will see is fascinating!

All pictures: copyright Google Earth and Disney


The_Mad_Hatter said...

When I go to Disneyland paris, all the grafics are all wierd and see through and blurry. The same happened to Disney World. Do you know why?

Matthrix said...

Je trouve les couleurs assez fades !
J'attendais quelques choses avec des couleurs plus jolies.
Par contre, pourquoi n'avoir pas fait le sol a l'identique ?
L'ensemble est superbe mais les details sont a retravailler... :)

Travel Pics said...

I just tried it and it's amazingly detailed. I thought they would just add some of the most important highlights of the park but they actually added all sorts of props that make Disney's magic. Just wow!
Alain, you just forgot the Davy Crockett Ranch. They modelled it too, but not Val d'Europe...

Alain Littaye said...

To Mathrix: Mathrix, lescouleurs ne sont pas fades, c'est le upload des photos sur blogger qui enleve 4 ou 5 points de contraste, et de surcroit cela depend aussi de ton ecran. Je te suggere d'aller directement sur Google Earth pour voir ce qu'il en est.
To Mad Hatter: If everything looks blur it may depends of your computer graphic card which may be not enough powerful.
To Travel Pics: It's true, i have forgot the Davy Crockett Ranch! Sorry!

Philippe said...

J'ai le même problème que Mad_Hatter. Tout est flou, et la résolution est bien moins fine que sur les captures montrées sur DisneyAndMore...
Ma carte est une ATI Radeon HD 4800, avec 512M, et affichage de 2048*1152... Est-ce insuffisant?
J'ai essayé de trouver une réponse sur le net, mais sans succès...

I have the same problem than Mad_Hatter. Everything is blurry, and no as fine as the pics shown on DisneyAndMore...
My card is a ATI Radeon HD 4800, 512M, 2048*1152... Is it not enough?
I tried to find an answer on the net, but couldn't find anything...

Philippe, Liege, Belgium