Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exclusive ! Disney and more " Personas " to customize your web browser tool bar !

As promised yesterday, i have a surprise for you today. And i think you're going to love it. It's brand new, it's an idea that NO other Disney fan web site ever had before, and we will call it the "Disney and more Personas". In less than 10 minutes you'll have the coolest customized web browser!

What are the "Disney and more Personas"? Well, first, this will work only with Firefox. If you don't use Firefox as web browser you can download and install the latest version HERE. Firefox is MUCH better and faster than Internet Explorer - although the latest version of Safari is incredibly fast. And don't worry about your bookmarks as, when you will install Firefox it will ask you if you want to import your bookmarks from your previous browser, so you will NOT have to put all your bookmarks again.

Now, at the top of any web browser we all have the tool bar, the one where you type the url adress of any web site. Normally this tool bar looks like this - see picture below.

Now, would you like it to look like THIS with a Disneyland theme?...

Or like this, with a Space Mountain theme ?

Yes? So, let me tell you how to do it, it's very easy, it will take you ten minutes only, and it's free! I've designed specially for you what Firefox call "Personas images". What ever the one you will choose below there will be a "header" and a "footer" image. Always download both header and footer as you will need both of them.

Let's begin: First go at this page: and download and install "personas for firefox ". This little plug-in is done by Firefox, so it's totally SAFE, don't worry about that.

Once it's done it will ask you to restart firefox, which is okay.

Now, choose any header/footer couple images below, the one you prefer, as you will need them in one minute.

Have a look now at the very bottom left of your firefox page, you will see a tiny fox head in the corner. Here is how it look (see image below, the little fox head is on the bottom left , on the left of the word "done")

Then, have a look at this page : and go down the page to the section: "Option 1: Using the Custom Persona setting within Firefox" and follow what they say. Just in case you would need to be registered to access the page, here is a screen capture below, it will be easier. Follow the instructions.

As you probably have understood by now you have to click on the tiny fox head to access the Personas menu to custom the header image.

When you arrive at part 4 "custom persona", it's here where you will use the two header/footer files you've choosen below. One of the file is the one you must select for the "header". The other file is the one you must select for the "footer". When it's done, click on okay, and that's it!

Here are the different "Personas" themes i did for you. Double click on each picture as you MUST download them in full size. Once again, for each theme you must download the header and the footer image.

The first one is a Disneyland theme:

Header image:

Footer image:

Next is a WDW Space Mountain theme.

Header image:

Footer image:

Next one is a Jungle Cruise - Adventureland theme.

Header image 1st choice:

Header image 2nd choice:

Footer image:

Next theme is a Epcot theme.

Header image:

Footer image:

The two last one have animation movies theme, and the first one is a UP! theme.

Header image:

Footer image:

And this very last one is a Princess and the frog theme, i did it with a panoramic rendering of New Orleans and the Bayou.

Header image:

Footer image:

I'm also planning to do one with a Toy Story theme very soon.

I'm not a photoshop genius, but some of you are! So here is what i suggest: create your own Disney themed "Personas" and send me the one you like, i will post them in the new "Personas" section and every one will be able to enjoy it as well as new one i will do in the future!

One last thing: Just in case you would like to comeback to the previous normal "grey" header, click again on the little fox head on the bottom left and choose "default theme".

Hope you succeed to do everything, i've tried to be as clear as possible in my "tutorial". One last thing, as i've said, it works only with Firefox , of course.

So, what do you think of these Disney and more Personas? Just let me know!

All pictures: copyright Disney or Pixar


Anonymous said...

Great. I put up the Disneyland one and it looks great. I also saved all the other headers you did. The only confusing thing for me was you said download by double clicking on the images. All that did was open then in a window. I finally figured out that I needed to create a special folder I named Firefox Custom Personas and saved each image in there. Then I did the edit thing and browsed to that folder and clicked on each on and they they were. Really a lot of fun and not as boring as that old wood panel skin I used.

I have no idea how you made these put being who I am (Lost Boy) I would love a Peter Pan themed persona. That would fit me to a T.

mensajes claro said...

I use the Disneyland one and it looks great , Now i am loving it.