Friday, July 3, 2009

Behind the Scenes: President Barack Obama recording his speech for his HOP Audio-Animatronic

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The White House put on line on its Youtube channel this short interesting video showing President Barack Obama recording the audio for the speech of his life-size animatronic figure at WDW Hall of Presidents.

Have a look below at this great "behind the scenes" video, you won't see everyday a President of the United States recording for a Disney attraction!

I am reposting below the excellent video filmed by Inside the Magic of the new Obama Audio-animatronic in action so you can see the final result.

Rob Marciano from also did a HOP special report today, and here is the video.

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Picture: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright White House and Inside the Magic


Gilad said...

Alain, one more time, a well done coverage of the new president in the HOP!
It was very interesting watching him recording the actual audio for his figure.
I liked the fact that Obama recognize the legacy of Disney and participate in that show.

Anonymous said...

Its good President Obama will be immortalized in the Hall of Presidents. To bad Blaine Gibbons the famous sculpture hired by Walt is no longer there to capture a better likeness of the president.

The figure is a poor representation of the president. You would think Disney would of done a better job. And there statement Walt designed this show is also a strong statement to their poor management decision to close "GREAT MOMENTS WITH MR LINCOLN, at Disneyland is another of Disney lack for Walt's wishes to keep that show open.

Disney is now operating with the financial bottom line as most important important.

Disney historian.