Monday, June 15, 2009

DLP Mickey's Magical Party Grand Opening Exclusive Video !

Believe it or not, but i finally found back the High-Definition tape of Mickey's Magical Party Grand Opening i was searching since 2 months and a half! I was invited for the Grand Opening at DLP's big event in March, and filmed everything in High-Definition with my Sony HD camera, and when i went back home i could not find the tape!!

After i looked everywhere i began to thought that i really lost it, and, miraculously it reappeared some days ago! I've uploaded it on Youtube, and now you'll be able to see the whole show! What is particularly interesting is that the Mickey's Magical Party show was during the evening. It's a unique occasion to see it at night as at DLP the show happen during daytime at the end of the afternoon.

Also, the laser effects and the firework were only for this magical evening - as well as the big Mickey head screen with projection effects located on the left of the castle. Finally, i shoot everything from the press photographers location, the best location to take picture or movie.

Due to its length, the "It's party time with Mickey and friends" show video is divided in four parts - the firework is of course on the last one. As usual, you can see it in bigger size directly on Youtube - a double-click on each video will send you on the Youtube page. Also, if all the videos don't appear, just reload the page.

After these four "parts" you'll find another video also filmed that evening. If you ever wondered what a disco party on DLP Central Plaza right in front of the castle could look like, there you'll have an idea. And with a DJ dressed in a Stitch costume! Actually, this "disco party" happened before the show itself. Anyway, enjoy all the videos, you'll feel just like if you have been there on this memorable evening!

And now, the video of the disco party before the show.

Let me know in the comments what you think of that special evening and the show!

All videos: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more

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