Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland Stitch’s Summer Dance Bash !

Quite a while since we talked about HKDL, isn't it? Well, everybody is still waiting for a phase two agreement between the WDC and HK government. If they succeed HKDL will have at last a Frontierland with a mine train ride as well as other big E-Tickets.

However, we may have to wait a bit more as one my HK D&M readers told me recently that unfortunately "...the negotiation stops. the government said the agreement is needed to report in the legislative council meeting. There is one meeting left for this year before the summer holiday, and we don't see they put HKDL into the agenda. So we have to wait until September."

Considering they will need at least two years from the moment they have the final agreement to open new rides, let's hope for HKDL that the news we're all waiting for will happen as soon as possible...

In the meantime the park is desperately trying to create some season events - Halloween, Christmas, etc... - and the last idea of the entertainment division is the "Stitch’s Summer Dance Bash".

If you thought it was unthinkable to play beach volley in the middle of Main Street, one of the picture below will surprise you! Let's know more about this summer event with the official press release below and of course great HD pictures.

Let the show begin - Stitch is ready to party with you! Summer begins with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as everyone is invited to an all-new dance bash!

(Hong Kong, June 11, 2009) Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is already getting into the Summer mood as it debuts today the largest beach party in town. From now until August 31, the Park is the ultimate summer playground for Guests of all ages. Stitch will have everyone dancing on Main Street USA with all his Disney friends as they welcome all to his crazy Summer Dance Bash, the perfect antidote to day-to-day stress.

Sporting his rock’n’roll Elvis hairstyle, Stitch will be performing his signature ‘626’ dance in Stitch’s Summer Dance Bash with a mission to get everyone into a “hang loose” mood for the Summer season. It is also the first-show-of-its-kind that highly engage Guests’ participation, inviting them to play volleyball, do the beach towel pull or dance together. Seven new photo scenes are also placed throughout the Park as he is set to bring out the silly fun side of all our Guests.

“Stitch has a unique fun-loving and yet mischievous personality that speaks to both young adults and families,” said Andrew Kam Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland. “He is definitely our best ambassador for this Summer, reminding everyone, regardless of your age, deserves a time out from the frenetic pace of Hong Kong. Our resort provides the perfect opportunity for a Summer getaway.”

“By rolling out the all-new Summer-themed activities one month earlier than last year, we hope to also attract more Guests from South East Asian markets such as Singapore, India and Indonesia as their Summer vacations begin in June,” Kam added.

Three times a day, Guests will party on Main Street U.S.A. as Stitch invites them all to be the stars of the all-new Stitch’s Summer Dance Bash. Helping him out are some very special Disney friends including Genie and Mr. Incredible, who have never been seen before at the Park in Hong Kong, as well as Goofy and Ariel in their new Summer looks. The show is decked with vibrant color, featuring five mini-floats with unique designs and a group of energized dancers who are all set to rock the entire street!

Search the Park to find seven new Stitch’s Get Silly Photo scenes as Stitch invites Guests to ride the waves, do their best hula moves and create their best Alien face for funny photo poses. And everyone can head back to Main Street U.S.A. again for a cool down after exploring the park with the help of Mickey and his Waterworks Parade. Back at Hong Kong Disneyland this summer, this parade is super cool fun!

At Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the experience is always an immersive one and Stitch’s party continues at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel who will be hosting Stitch Summer barbeques in the company of some special Disney friends. Throughout the Park, there will be over 70 new Stitch merchandise on sale as well as some tasty summer treats such as coconut ice cream and Stitch’s own signature drinks.

All pictures: copyright Disney-Hong Kong Disneyland


Anonymous said...

The Stitch party in HKDL looks very fun! And even better than DLP's Stitch show...

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Disney and the over use of Stitch? The movie wasn't even that popular and now the parks are over run with Stitch inspired attractions, shows, parades and everything in-between.

Alain Littaye said...

The deal is simple: the kids love Stitch character, which means money through merchandise items.

t said...

Actually the movie was VERY popular, did very well, and was pretty well received by the critics. While maybe not quite on the level of the 90s feature animated films, it's one of the only hit films since the 2000s that Walt Disney Animation Studios (formerly Walt Disney Feature Animation) has had...and it seems Disney is using that - not to mention the merchandise that does very well, as Alain has said.

I think the film, and the characters, are great...I just think he hasn't been used appropriately in most of the parks. It seems WDI uses him only as a trouble causing brat, instead of using his endearing side as seen in the latter part of the film. Thus, he comes off as obnoxious at times, especially to hardcore fans that go often to the parks...but he is truly a sweet, fun-loving character (as seen in the way Tokyo Disney Resort uses him).

I just don't think he is used correctly...except in instances like this at HKDL. Well done HKDL.