Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

There is no new Indiana Jones movie this year, and considering the mediocre quality of the Crystal Skull it's almost a good news! However, on June 9, Lucas Arts released a brand new Indiana Jones video game called "Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings". The game is released for Nintendo Ds and Play station 2 of course, but - and that's where it becomes interesting - also for the now famous Nintendo Wii. Thanks to the Wii technology, the gamer will be able to act like Indiana Jones, and, as one of the game designer said "It's as close as you can get to be a real Indiana Jones".

The 3D animation looks fine, and especially the decors and background as you will see on the videos below. Lot of reminiscences from the Indy movies in the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings adventure, but that's okay, it should be fun.

As i know you like concept-arts, here are some of them in wallpaper size. More concept-arts available on the game web site HERE

This first video below is the official game trailer.

In this next video you'll see game designers explaining how it works with the Wii.

And this last one shows the first Ten Minutes of "Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings" in the Wii version.

And what about a new Indy movie, you ask? Well, if we consider what Shia LaBeouf recently said in an interview - later confirmed by Producer Frank Marshall - they're currently working on a script. Mmmmh...the last time i heard this from a Indy producer was 15 years ago and we had to wait almost as long to see the movie - and not a real good one. So, i'll believe it when i'll see it!

Hat Tip to Blue Sky Disney for the news!

Pictures and videos: copyright Lucas Arts

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