Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson at Neverland - Video Tribute

The whole world is under schock of Michael Jackson's death today. As i've said yesterday in my tribute post Michael was the uber Peter Pan, the only one who ever had the means to stay a "Peter Pan" all his life. And, as any Peter Pan he was dreaming to live in his own Neverland. The only difference being that he actually did it, and built his own Neverland.

He was also the only one to have a replica of Main Street Station and the Disneyland railroad...

So let's have a last visit in what was Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch thanks to the videos below.

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john321 said...

There was another replica of the Disneyland Railroad station in Japan, no, not the Disney one, but the "Nara Dreamland" one: