Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New " Ultimate Buzz Lightyear " Robot released this fall !

Remember the Ultimate Wall-E robot last year? Yes, the one that was released only in the U.S and hard to find. WEll, a new "ultimate" Pixar toy will be released this fall, and it's an ultimate Buzz Lightyear robot that will responds to voice command!

16" high, 100 different phrases programmed and of course multiple motions, its price should be around $130 -150. However, and it's a big difference with the ultimate Wall-E which was able to move, this new Buzz won't walk by itself. His arms, body, head and even lips will move but, as you can check on the video below, not the legs. i suppose we can't have everything. So, it's an "ultimate Buzz Lightyear"... not totally ultimate! But no problem, he looks already very cool. Not as cool as the big Buzz Audio-Animatronic that exist in the Buzz Lightyear attraction pre-show, but it's not the same price! More infos about it available on the Gizmodo web site.

Buzz Lightyear Robot Toy from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Picture: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Gizmodo

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