Monday, June 22, 2009

First pictures from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - Edited version

If there is a movie that i'm really waiting for, it's Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. The movie won't be released before March 5, 2010, but in recent interviews Burton announced that we have to expect a slightly "darker" Alice in Wonderland.

Today the guys of the CC2K site succeed to get a copy of the script and you can read their script review - full of spoilers so, beware - HERE.

The young Mia Wasikowska - 19 years old - is "Alice" - but 17 years old Alice returning back to Wonderland....

Here is a new picture of Alice when she's "small".

Most of the book's famous characters will be in the movie and it's Johnny Depp himself who will play the madhatter character - a perfect casting indeed.

Here are TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

Helena Bonham Carter is playing the Red Queen...

And Anne Hathaway is the good White Queen...

Disney also released concept-arts showing some decors of the movie

As you've already guess, we must expect a very different Alice in Wonderland, darker, but also closer to Tim Burton usual world. I think it can be great, we'll check this next year!

All Pictures: copyright Disney


Gilad said...

I can't wait for this film to get to cinema! I'm a huge Tim Burton fan and I think that he is going to deliver another masterpeice.
There are already some PR photos of the main crew in the internet dressed up as the characters (the mad hatter, the red and white queens, the twins and Alice).
It's funny that after all these years he's working again with Disney after he got fired from Disney many years ago for having a dark vision of what Disney should look like.

robert metzler said...

i like walt disney verson on alice and wonderland but this dark verson i just dont like at all . i love disney .

Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see a darker version of Alice, which is, of course, much more in keeping with the tone of the books, which are among the true classics of English literature. Hopefully Burton will retain some of the word play and the dark philosophical implications of the originals. Nothing else will suffice.