Thursday, June 25, 2009

NEW ! Disney and more Discussion Forums !

At the request of many of you, Disney and more has now Discussion Forums! Although you're always welcome to leave your comment on each article in the "Comments" section, i thought that having an "official" discussion forum where you can discuss D&M articles would be even better!

And you know what? Whether you speak (and write) english or french there is a D&M forum for you! If you speak english - at least 75% of D&M readers - the Disney and more ENGLISH discussion Forum is now on Mice Chat. As you know probably, before i began Disney and more i was a Mice Age columnist and i want to thanks the kind people of Mice Chat to host the Disney and more English Forum.

And if your native language is FRENCH, the Disney Central Plaza forum is more than ever the Disney and more french Forum.

I always thought that a discussion forum bring life in a web site, so i'm very pleased that you, dear readers, have now this possibility to chat on these two great forums.

This is the first of many great changes coming soon on D&M to improve your Disney and more experience!

Enjoy the forums!