Saturday, August 29, 2009

Imagineering video reveal WDI new technologies

Two days ago Disney Parks released the video below - a (well-deserved) tribute to Walt Disney Imagineering. The date of the release is interesting as it was two weeks before the opening of the D23 Expo where guests will be able to see "new technologies being developed by Walt Disney Imagineering".

And precisely, this new video shows us - even if it is very brief shots - what seems to be some WDI new technologies we never saw before. We're going to have a closer look at them but before, if you have not watch the video yet, have a look at it below, if you did previously, jump after the video.

So, the first interesting shot is at 0:19 with fountains on fire. It's quite spectacular and i won't be surprised if we see it next year in the World of Color show at DCA.

Next interesting shot is at 0:45 where we see an Imagineer in front of Master Gracey's portrait which changes when the Imagineer waves his hand. Who is ready to take the bets that this technology will be coming to the Haunted Mansion anytime soon?

More intriguing at 1:14 are these two Imagineers animating a Jack Sparrow character thanks to motion capture technology. An interactive experience is supposedly coming to the Disney Cruise Line, but may be we'll see this somewhere else.

At 1:52 the face behind the Imagineer looks really A LOT like Yoda's face. Will we see a Yoda AA in the new and awaited Star Tours 2.0 attraction?

At 2:17 a man is walking in what seems to be Narnia's Ice Queen throne and he is interacting with projected characters including Tinker Bell. The WDWnewstoday site think that it may be "an experience where guests would be able to enter environments and interact with “real” characters via RFID technology". We'll see...

And finally at 2:22, we can see a spinning simulator vehicle with mounted guns. Anyone have an idea of where this will appear?

As i've said the release date of this video two weeks before the D23 Expo looks like a viral campaign for the Expo. There is little doubt that they knew that Disney fans will notice these shots, and considering that WDI Imagineers will be at D23 Expo, i count on those of you who will attend the event to ask them more details about these amazing new technologies. Don't forget to let us know!

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Unknown said...

Thanks! Because i thought i was the only one looking at video and seeing stuff i have never ever seen in a Disney Park before.

The whole thing with Tinkerbelll... I was like, wow!

Because it is still true that the things that seem impossible now, will become realties tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Great article as usual!

Talking about WDI, I just saw on Disney Central Plaza, in the "futur developments" topic of disneyland paris a map a the euro disney that never was, including its 2nd and 3rd gate and the lava lagoon park! You should check it out, good idea for an article!

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, i saw it, but after asking for more infos about the third theme park that we can see on themap, it seems that it's not sure it was going to be a themepark.
From the look of the design, it may be just a template to take up space but it looks more like another hotel and shopping area to support the water park.

Anonymous said...

Very intriguing video. All the new developments are interesting, but I am particularly curious about where the new motion simulator / shooter technology will be used.

- Tasman

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post a link to the DLP map referred to above. I would be most grateful. Thanks.

- Tasman.

Alain Littaye said...

For the map go there:
then click on the top left on "accueil"
then choose the Disneyland Paris section of the forum,
then choose "Futurs développements (2009-2013) : rumeurs diverses" section
then go on page 6, you'll see it here.

Anonymous said...

^^ Thanks much.

- Tasman