Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disneyland's House of the Future - Part Two

A good friend and faithful Disney and more reader sent to me recently this rare article that he found in an old issue of Popular Science Magazine.

And it's a very interesting one. Not only because it talks of the Monsanto House of the Future, but because the date of the article is April 1956! And so, you ask? Well, you see, Disneyland's House of the Future was not open in 1956. In fact, it opened in 1957, one year later!

Which means what? On the cover of this April 1956 issue, the title was "1956 Home Show" and the article was called "Plastic House of the Future" and not the "House of the Future". The good question of course is: Did Walt learned about the Monsanto's house thanks to the article or did he knew about it before? We'll probably never have the answer, but the article is fascinating. Have a look and don't miss the page with the plan of the House of the Future!

A while ago i've found the image below. This one is not related to the House of the Future, but it's from the same era and the picture - which show another kind of "house of the future" is pretty cool, so i add it here. Double-click on it to see it in big size.

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Alain, The last illustration looks like a WED concept piece, complete with the Disneyland helicopter in the background. Disney has had Treehouses, Campgrounds and even trailers for guests to stay in. Out the livingroom window in this rendering I see another same Plastic Home. Could there have been plans to have these situated for guests to stay in while visiting Disneyland???