Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantasmic Dragon first public appearance at Disneyland ! Videos by MintCrocodile and TopChefRemy

The Fantasmic Dragon did at last his first performance last night at Disneyland and Murphy's debut was acclaimed by thousands of Disneyland super-fans who were there. Many videos were shoot and i choose for you what seems to be the two best one.

Although "Murphy" didn't spit fire yesterday, the dragon looks awesome and its movements will probably be improved in the next days.

The first video is from the always excellent MintCrocodile who succeed again to shoot the video with the best definition.

The second very good video is from TopChefRemy and is a very interesting one as it is filmed from the side and offer a different view of the dragon.

Videos: copyright MintCrocodile or TopChefRemy whom i thanks and congratulate a lot for their video!

Screen capture: copyright MintCrocodile


Unknown said...

congrats on always bringing the latest news in combination with the high quality your blog radiates!

thanks from a huge Disney fan

Dominique, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Evelina said...

Thanks for the videos. I'm really excited to check out the dragon myself during my next visit. Hopefully it'll be able to spit fire by the time I head over to see it.

Anonymous said...

make your articles shorter or just link to them on a seperate page. i hate having to scroll down with a tiny scrollbar on the side. its so frustrating

Justice said...

^How rude. Don't read the blog that he spends so much time making if you don't want him writing so much.

I honestly appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out what Anonymous means, the page looks great to me!
Thanks for sharing my view of Fantasmic! I'm glad you enjoyed it!