Thursday, September 3, 2009

Great Pictures of Fantasmic! Dragon by Armadillo 444 and new video by MintCrocodile with the Dragon's "breath of fire"

The Fantasmic! Dragon did his second performance last night and this time as you will see on the new great video of MintCrocodile his performance included the "breath of fire" that was missing on opening night!

Armadillo 444 who was at the opening performance tuesday evening shoot fantastic pictures of the Dragon. As you will see, the design of the Dragon is absolutely awesome. It's just like if he had jumped out of the Sleeping Beauty movie to arrive on the stage of Fantasmic!

The first picture is when the Dragon appear.

And then, of course, arrives Mickey to defeat the Dragon.

A closer shot of the Dragon's head...

Mickey is back for the final battle!...

The Dragon is defeat!

Great pictures, isn't it? And now, here is the second video that MintCrocodile shoot yesterday evening, this time from the side, which was a perfect location to film the Dragon's breath of fire. As always, MintCrocodile did a fantastic filming - he always do and i strongly suggest you to subscribe to his Youtube account so you won't miss his future productions!

All Pictures: copyright Armadillo 444
Video: copyright MintCrocodile

Many thanks to both of them for their great pictures and video!

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john321 said...

Although this is not the best looking animatronic on the planet (the dragon animatronic in La Tanière du Dragon looks fearsome and like a real living creature), the sheer size of this thing is unbelievable. Compare it with the Mickey character, who is as large as you and me. The dragon has real King Kong dimensions.

Also, the integration with the fire and water-screen projection effects look great.