Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goodbye "Disney Store", Hello "Imagination Park" !

Editor's Note: There won't be a lot of Disney news in the next two weeks, and as i also need time to prepare great future posts we will have two weeks of the best of Disney and more! A great selection of the most favourite D&M articles. And we begin by the fantastic Tom Thordarson articles series.

However i'll let you know if there is interesting news and there is one today with the New York Times article about Disney and the "ambitious floor-to-ceiling reboot of its 340 Disney stores in the United States and Europe — as well as opening new ones, including a potential flagship in Times Square"! With a new name - probably "Imagination Park" "Disney will spend about $1 million a store to redecorate, reorganize and install interactive technology."

Think about a place where you will find not only Disney merchandise but also "Theaters that will allow children to watch film clips of their own selection, participate in karaoke contests or chat live with Disney Channel stars via satellite. Computer chips embedded in packaging will activate hidden features. Walk by a “magic mirror” while holding a Princess tiara, for instance, and Cinderella might appear and say something to you. It’s your birthday? With the push of a button, eight 13-foot-tall Lucite trees will crackle with video-projected fireworks and sound. There will be a scent component; if a clip from Disney’s coming “A Christmas Carol” is playing in the theater, the whole store might suddenly be made to smell like a Christmas tree."

And guess who gave the idea to Disney to "dream bigger"? Disney's biggest stock holder and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs himself!

Don't miss Brook Barnes full New York Times article HERE.


Alex said...

I have a dream ...
to reopen the Disney Store in Munich. Whenever I went in I was surrounded by a little bit of extra magic, which only Disney can create. It was a really sad moment when it was finally closed. So if any Disney representative reads this and wants the Disney Store back too, I would love to help reopen it.


Matt said...

Excellent! Scent-o-rama! I love that Disney is really embracing interactive tech - even in their individual stores. It really makes them stand out from their competition (whoever that is). Now if they could make EPCOT the center of all of this new tech once again, that would cap it off!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what this does with DLRP's proposed World of Disney Store in Disney Village. Will they built the new Imagination Park instead, or keep the 'old' style store? I was realy looking forward to the World of Disney Store finally coming to our resort.