Friday, October 16, 2009

NEW Princess and the Frog Artwork !

Disney released new concept-arts for Princess and the Frog showing how Walt Disney Animation bring to life Princess and the Frog characters. Here is a selection of some of them, all beautiful.

There is three different sections, each one has environments and characters artwork. The first one is about the New Orleans part in the movie.

Another section is about Dr Facilier's Lair...

And the last section is about the Bayou.

You will find dozens of other great artwork on the Princess and the Frog web site. Just go HERE where John Lasseter will welcome you before being redirected to the artwork section!

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All artwork: copyright Disney


Matt said...


Mr Aaron Venn said...

Her house looks so Haunted Mansion.
I love it.
I'd live there

Ashley said...

Amazing!! I am all ready for this to be my new fav Disney movie! Love the artwork.

Anonymous said...

More of those amazing concept art images at

nojarama said...

Three words: Fab-U-Lous! Can't wait for the film!!!