Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disneyland Paris Main Street Christmas windows

Disneyland Paris began its Christmas season recently and today we will have a look at Main Street Christmas windows. But before i go further you may have notice that Disney and more has slightly changes today with a winter-Christmas theme on the top, and yes, a gentle snow is falling all over the site!

Note that if your screen is in 1024 x 768 definition although you'll still have the snow effect but you may not see the winter pictures on the left and right of the header that you can see on the screen capture above. The original D&M design will be back in January.

Let's come back now to DLP and Main Street windows which also have now their Christmas decor. First, a look inside the Emporium where Bambi is standing inside a Christmas ball under the Emporium dome.

Let's have a look now to the Emporium windows as well as other shops nearby.

On the other side on Town Square, Christmas windows of Disney Clothiers.

All pictures: copyright Disney and more except top picture: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Not long ago, you were making your point on the visual intrusion that is the newly built terrace in front of the Last Chance Cafe, but to me, those display windows are the shining example of the little knowledge some of the creative teams in DLP have on their park. Main Street U.S.A is supposed to carry a lot of nostalgia, warm colours, Christmas past is supposed to be all green, red and gold (like the towering tree on Town Square) not trendy cold pink and blue. Those people have no idea of what the story of this land is and they think they can get away by putting some old fashion paterns here and there. And don't get me started on those Princess street lamps, so irrelevant now that the show for which it was created is no longer there. By the way, having fake white Christmas trees in front of Tobias Norton and Sons in Frontierland is just as bad show as having a maintenance vehicle roaming the park during opening hours. Attention to details is what makes a Disney park and I fear Paris is letting this important fact aside.

OTPN Administrator said...

I think that here at Magic Kingdom in Orlando (where I live) we have far better scenes in the windows of Main street, because they show Disney Characters without advertising their products and without these strange colors (in my opinion..)

Anonymous said...

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