Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Cars Toons : Unidentified Flying Mater

A new Cars Toons - the fifth in the series - called "Unidentified Flying Mater" was released on ABC last night, and this time Mater is doing its first "close encounter" with a UFO. As usual with Pixar the animation is perfect and this new short is totally enjoyable, so enjoy!

Note: If the embedding of this Youtubevideo is removed you'll be able to see it HERE

Picture and video: copyright Pixar


David Orlev said...

Unidentified Flying Mater is so Funny – I love Mater in his German Doctor Custom and the Tractor Tipping sequence is awesome.
I do think though that the Disney Cars Toon short , Tokyo Mater was better and hopefully the next short in line Heavy Metal Mater would be longer and even more entertaining .

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