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How Disneyland attractions inspired parks around the world - Part One : Niglo Show at Nigloland

When Walt created Disneyland in 1955 he probably couldn't imagined that this new theme park concept was going to inspire the creation of many non-Disney parks around the world.

The concept of a central hub with 4 or 5 lands all around it was of course copied everywhere but some parks didn't hesitated to almost duplicate a Disney attraction. Of course, when it's the case, they've changed the theme, the storyline or, as we will see today the kind of animals that appears in the show to avoid the rights issue but, still, where the inspiration is coming from is too obvious to say that it's a simple "tribute" even if it is one on a certain point of view! To put it more simply, some of them totally copied a WDI attraction concept.

Today, i'm introducing the "Niglo Show" at Nigloland Park in France. Located in the Champagne region the Niglo Show was introduced in the park in 1991, one year before DLP's opening. To say that the Niglo Show is inspired by the Country Bear Jamboree is a euphemism. The "niglos" animals - symbol of the park - replaced the bears, but the principle of multi-stages with a bigger one in the center was kept, and even the deer trophy AA on the right side wall is there! Not to mention the exterior facade that you can see on the picture above also inspired by the Country Bear Jamboree building at WDW.

The show is full of audio-animatronics, of course not as perfect as the one designed by WDI because the budget was not the same, and the storyline or the music is lame in comparison to the original which is not this time a problem of budget but a lack of inspiration. However, considering that we are in France and that Nigloland is a small theme park it's not that bad.

Thanks to the video below the best is that you'll have a look by yourself as you have to see it to believe it!

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Tomorrow we will see how Pirates of Caribbean inspired a similar ride in one of Europe's most visited park.

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