Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Toy Story , The Musical" coming to Disney's California Adventure in 2011 ......and right now on Disney and more

The Disney Parks Blog announced today that “Toy Story - The Musical” will come to Disney's California adventure early 2011 and will replace the Aladdin show currently playing at the Hyperion Theater.

The 50 minutes show will more than probably be the same than the one playing on the Disney Cruise Line ships. So, to bring you more details about this great musical i repost the previous article i did some months ago when it began on the Disney Cruise Line.

And, what? You can't wait 2011 to see the show? Good news for you, i've found on Youtube the WHOLE show filmed by mousepal1980 during his trip on the Disney Cruise Line. The show looks really excellent, so of course if you want to keep the surprise to see it at DCA's hyperion Theatre in 2011, don't watch the seven-parts videos at the end of the article!

Preserving the humor and heart of the original “Toy Story” film from Pixar Animation Studios, “Toy Story-The Musical” explores the true meaning of friendship as Buzz Lightyear and Woody transform from jealous adversaries to best friends with an unbreakable bond. The show’s elaborate costumes capture the vibrant colors and playfulness of the animated characters. Guests of all ages will delight in an original collection of show tunes that retell the story in a fun and energizing way.

Following the storyline of the original Disney•Pixar film, “Toy Story-The Musical” gives guests a toy’s eye-view of life in Andy’s room. The musical opens with an introduction to Woody, a pull-string talking cowboy who has long been six-year-old Andy’s favorite toy.

But Andy’s birthday brings a new arrival – Buzz Lightyear, the coolest action figure in the universe. Woody’s jealousy gets the better of him and he schemes to get rid of his new rival, but things go dreadfully awry. Woody and Buzz find themselves outside of Andy’s room and in a hostile world. Working together and overcoming their differences, they find their way back to Andy – along the way developing an appreciation of one another and creating a friendship.

“The ‘Toy Story’ film offered us a rich story and some incredible visual elements to build upon,” noted Jim Urry, vice president of Entertainment for DCL. “The team we assembled created costumes, set designs and a whole new musical score to literally transport our guests into the middle of the whimsical world of Buzz and Woody.”

Using Randy Newman’s Oscar nominated hit song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as a departure point, this production has a new seven-song score that brings the story to life. New York-based Valerie Vigoda and Brendan Milburn from the band GrooveLily blended together pop, rock and folk music to create a contemporary score that truly captures the heartfelt whimsy of the animated tale.

The costumes for “Toy Story-The Musical” are some of the most complex ever developed for a Disney Cruise Line production. Costume designer Ann Closs-Farley created an extraordinary vision for what the characters would look like on stage. With a combination of articulated puppets and inflatable costumes, the “Toy Story” characters come to life – including a nearly 9-foot-tall version of Rex the dinosaur and a 4-foot-round Hamm the piggybank.

“When we first thought of bringing ‘Toy Story’ to the stage, there was a great deal of excitement about the project,” said Anne Hamburger, Disney Creative Entertainment executive vice president. “Everyone on our team could immediately see how the heart and comedy of these characters could come alive in a memorable way that is unique to musical theatre.”

And now, enough talk, on with the show! filmed on the DCL by mousepal1980 whom i thanks a lot for the embedding.

Youtube video: copyright mousepal1980

Pictures and text: copyright Disney


Mark said...

I think DCA's Aladdin should go to Disney's Hollywood Studios in what used to be the Hunchback Theater.


Anonymous said...

Eventhough the costumes look great, I don't like to concept at all of having a Toy Story musical. I hope this doesn't come to Paris. We already have too much Toy Story here. Can that Aladdin musical come to our resort instead please?

Tom said...

OMFG, this looks horrible!!!

Aladdin should stay, it's the best show ever in a themepark!

(and Alain, it's " Disney's California Adventure", you are forgetting the 's ;-)

Anonymous said...

J'ai pu visiter DCA l'été dernier et je ne pensais pas pouvoir trouver pire parc Disney que les Walt Disney Studios de Paris à l'ouverture... et ben si !
Ce parc est une horreur et en attendant les nouveaux travaux et les 1 milliard de dollars de futurs investissements, ils sont plus à un show cheap près...

Anonymous said...

WHAT! Guess Mr. Lasseter is really enjoying his Walt Disney status at WDI. I agree this is a horrible idea. Why don't they just rename this park Pixarland? The Toy Story show on the ship was mediocre at best, now it's replacing one of the better theme park shows around for what, more Pixar placement? This is a REALLY DUMB and BAD IDEA!

Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous....

Watch what you say about Mr. Lassetter! You could get tried for treason and hanged!

Anonymous said...

Then hang me. One look at the photo of him in the bull dozer ripping out the last piece of Disneyland's parking lot in honor of himself and his new Carsland at the Bluesky Cellar was enough to get me and all who love Disney in line to be hung.

Ego, ego and more ego.

Alain Littaye said...

Please, try to stay cool in your comments. I can agree that there might be a bit too much of Toy Story elements at DCA but believe me Cars Land is going to be great and the Radiator Springs Racer ride will definitely be a E+ Ticket that everybody will love.
So, the problem is not really too many Pixar rides or not but more to have really good rides and great theming, and they're coming for sure, trust me.

Anonymous said...

I Want to Say is Disney on Broadway's Toy Story the Musical is playing at the Henry Miller's Theatre on July 5, 2013. The Cast will includes Jonathan Dokuchitz as Woody, Richard H. Blake as Buzz Lightyear, Alyson Court as Sid, Billy Murphy as Andy, Gretchen Bieber as Bo-Peep, Rod Harrelson as Rex, Paul Vogt as Mr. Potato Head, Andrew Rannells as Hamm, Bryan West/Nick Kenkel as Slinky Dog, Arbender J. Robinson as Sarge, April Berry/Emily Osment/Jason Dolley as Barrel of Monkeys, Max von Essen/Tommar Wilson as Green Army Men, Kay Panabaker as Buzz With Leaves, Carmen Cusack/Mitchel Musso/Jackie Seiden/Jason Earles/Emily Padgett as Little Green Aliens, Annaleigh Ashford as Ptero-Janie, Rondell Sheridan as Mutant Army Man, Danielle Panabaker as Pogoduck, Katie Rose Clarke as Rollerbob, Stephen R. Buntrock as Babyhead, Becky Gulsvig as Legs, Kyle Massey as Manhand.

The ensemble comprises Mary Faber, Manuel Herrera, Clare Kramer, Huntley Ritter, Beth Curry, Derrick Williams, Emily Rozek, Tony Yazbeck, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Phil Lewis, Kim Rhodes, Kyle McDaniel, Laura Woyasz, Ben Gettinger, Veronica J. Kuehn, Jesse Nager, Samantha Eggers, Raymond J. Lee, Michele Micholas, John Jeffrey Martin, Arielle Jacobs, Michael Longoria, Kathleen Nanni, Will Friedle, Melissa Joan Hart, Robert Spinallo, Maria Eberline, Tyrick Wiltez Jones, Lori Holmes.
Swings: Rusty Mowery, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Michael Cunio, Leslie Goddard, Sebastian Arcelus, Kristin Carbone, Enrique Brown, Katie Adams.

Anonymous said...

Cool! It's always good to see Pixar getting more stuff at the Disney parks. Rock on, Pixar!