Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow White book now available in soft cover edition at affordable price

Last week, i've let you know about the new and gorgeous "Jungle book" book by Pierre Lambert. This week, i have a good news for all Disney animation fans as Pierre Lambert previous book about Snow White is now available in soft cover edition and at a very reasonable price - 30 euros on instead than 120 euros for the hard cover edition.

The size of the book is smaller but still big - 10" x 10" - and the artwork inside the book is the same than one could see in the original edition. Let's have a closer look at this great book, another perfect Christmas gift!

This first artwork is a cello on background painting for a scene at the beginning of the movie.

Next artwork is a Joe Grant preliminary study of the evil queen.

This cello on background painting of the evil queen is famous but so perfect that it's always a pleasure to see it again.

Another cello on background painting for the famous scene of Snow White with the animals of the forest.

This next artwork is a production background watercolor painting of the seven dwarfs cottage.

... just like this one below.

Here is a rare preliminary study for the seven dwarfs by Ferdinand Horvath.

Below, a cello on background painting for the music sequence.

Same for this next one with all the seven dwarfs.

The book also show great story-board drawings like this one of the witch during the "apple" scene.

A cello on production background for the same "apple" scene.

And a last one for the happy ending!

The book has 240 pages. This is the french edition, but only the first 30 pages have a text in french and all the others have only artwork. So, no need to say that even if you don't read french it won't be a problem to enjoy the book full of never-seen-before Snow White artwork. Just like the Jungle Book book by the same author, i highly recommand it to you, specially at this very affordable price.

All pictures: copyright Walt Disney Productions


Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures... Broken links?

Anonymous said...

For unknown reasons the pictures don't appear with internet explorer. If you have firefox, try it as it is working with Firefox.

Anonymous said...

Then why can I see all the other images, just not from this post? I don't want to install Firefox for this.