Thursday, February 18, 2010

D&M Exclusive : Universal Studios Singapore Grand Pictorial Report - Part Two

Here is the part two of the Universal Studios Grand pictorial report and, thanks to two of my Disney and more readers Fabian Fan and Wee Sen who kindly took the time to shoot great pictures and did a great job you will see everything of this new Universal Studios park, the only major theme park to open this year!

In this Part Two we will have a look to the Hollywood area, New York Streets and Madagascar area. There we go, with pictures of the USS entrance, Hollywood Boulevard and its facades, and click on each if you want to see them in big size.

And don't miss the Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE of this Grand pictorial report, now on line and showing the other lands!

Here is a short video showing the Hollywood Boulevard.

And another one showing a small musical show near the Mel's Drive In.

Let's go now to New York streets!

Here is another video, this time showing New York Streets area.

We're moving now to the new Madagascar land!

Let's end with three short videos filmed in the Madagascar land, the first one show the Madagascar A Crate Adventure entrance decor, the next one King Julien's Beach Party Carousel, and the last one the Madagascar Dance with characters. Don't miss the part three of this report tomorrow friday in the evening!

Also now on line the Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE of this Grand pictorial report showing the other lands!

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Pictures: copyright Fabian Fan or Wee Sen depending of the pictures.

Youtube Videos: copyright singaporesearchsite whom i thanks a lot for the videos.


Luray va accommodations said...

Those all pictures and video are really incredible, thanks for sharing. Universal studio is really beautiful place and I will be going to take up dated pictures of Universal Studios Singapore in next week.

Best Regards,

Sebassah said...

The Brown Derby? I thought that was in Walt Disney World @ Disneys Hollywood Studio's... :)

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, there is a Brown Derby at DHS, but both Disney and Universal found their inspiration in the famous Brown Derby from the 1930's, none of them have "rights" on it.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand your site anymore because it's so slow and sometimes freezes my computer, and my computer is a beast.

Too bad because you always have great stuff. Find a way to speed it up and make it more simple/organized and you'd have the greatest disney site on the net.