Friday, February 19, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Video

We will walk through the gates of Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away land later tonight with the part four of the Grand pictorial report but in the meantime here is a 8.27 minutes well edited video showing the whole park, filmed by mikeleekokhuat. Take the time to look at it, you will enjoy it.

And, talking about USS my good sources told me that they're still looking for a possible "soft opening" on March 3rd. During the sneak preview all the rides were not working so hopefully most of them should work during the soft opening. However, as we've seen so many changing dates this month, until this March 3rd soft opening is confirmed please consider it only as a rumor.

Okay, on with the show and enjoy the video!

Video: copyright mikeleekokhuat whom i thanks a lot.

Picture: copyright Fabian Fan


Anonymous said...

I don't think this place would be something I would want to spend the money to get to. It looks like a lot of neat buildings for eye candy but I don't see anything that Universal Hollywood doesn't have. Even That Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster is just a copy of the Fire and Ice Dueling Dragon Coaster at IOA (soon to be the Harry Potter Dueling Dragon Coaster) even down to the red and blue tracks. The Ancient Egypt area seems to be the most heavily themed and looks awsome, but really. Only one kiddie ride and one Coaster we already have over here. Just not worth the $$$ it would cost to get there. I will renew my AP soon for Hollywood Universal and go up and enjoy that and the new stuff coming this summer.

Alain Littaye said...

Lost Boy, Universal Singapore doesn't have only one kiddie ride and one coaster that Universal Hollywood or Orlando don't have: the big Madagascar flume ride, the Lights, Motors, Action special effects show, the Enchanted Airways family coaster and the Donkey show in Far Far Away don't exist in the U.S, not to mention others small carousel rides, the Treasure Hunters family ride, a new raft version of the Jurassic Park ride AND the big Transformers ride coming next year.

In terms of decor, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, Far Far Away lands and even Sci Fi City are all new for a Universal Studios park.

All this is a little bit more than "only one kiddie ride and one Coaster", isn't it?

AweLArtist said...

It seems great and all. I mean, I would love to visit this theme park though I'm gonna be comparing to the other ones I've been to. Caly and USJ in Japan was great, of course tokyo's disneyland was superb too.
I'm just hoping it will be different from what I'm expecting (not too much integrated singaporean styles, instead an international image that appeals to everyone would be better) I mean, the end of the video shows a dragon dance, i hate that and it shouldn't be in an international theme park like Universal Studios. (though that dragon dance might be because of its soft opening).
However, this theme park is for us to escape into a world which we've never seen before, thus everything should be originate from movies or films, not from singapore's traditions.
'nough said. I'm looking forward to step foot into this theme park.

Anonymous said...

I hate the dragon dance performance, looks stupid!

Ryan said...

Thanks for the video, the park looks great! It's awesome to have a Universal park in SE Asia.