Friday, February 5, 2010

D&M Innoventions : Walt Disney " PolaDroids" Pictures

We all remember the fantastic Polaroid pictures and their unique colours. The digital era arrived and changed everything and soon even if you still own a Polaroid camera, it will not be possible anymore to realize Polaroid pictures. Simply because the Polaroid Co will stop this year the fabrication of the legendary Polaroid photographic paper...

And then arrived PolaDroid, a magical and FREE little software. Created by Paul, obviously a big fan of the old Polaroid era, PolaDroid allow you to give to ANY of your digital pictures "Polaroid" colours in a few seconds. Suddenly, the picture you took last year will look like a 1960's picture, bringing you back in time, with colours that no camera is doing anymore. To give you an idea of how it looks here is some famous pictures of Walt that i've put through the PolaDroid application.

Above, Walt in Main Street surrounded by Disneyland guests in the 1960's. Below, Walt presenting the Man in Space TV series.

Next picture is of course Walt standing in the Tiki Room.

A famous - and great - picture of Walt aboard the Disneyland Railroad.

Walt and the famous tiger who appeared during Walt's TV shows.

Probably the most famous picture of Walt walking under Sleeping Beauty Castle before Disneyland's opening day in 1955. The original picture is in black and white but the PolaDroid app can also transform your B&W pictures.

Walt holding the Jungle Cruise boat model.

Walt and his brother Roy.

Before Disneyland's opening, Walt with the Jungle Cruise AAs.

Walt and Indian price minister Nehru in late 1950's on the Jungle Cruise boat.

Walt and disney Legendary Imagineer John Hench at WED Enterprises.

Another famous picture of Walt Disney.

Walt and the famous Mouseketeers during the recording of a TV show .

Walt in one of his last TV appearance announcing the WDW and Epcot project.

As you've seen this PolaDroid application can create amazing effects, now here is how it works, and it's extremely simple: First go on the PolaDroid web site HERE and download the application which works both for Mac and PC. The PolaDroid software is free, but if you wish to do a donation to his creator it will be highly appreciated. Once you've installed the application, you launch it, and a little Polaroid camera will appear on your screen. Now, all you have to do is to choose any of your digital picture, and drag and drop it on the Polaroid camera. That's all you have to do, can't be more easy, isnt'it?

Ten seconds later a little picture will come out of the camera, and just like the real Polaroid pictures, it'll take the photo 2 to 3 minutes to appear! Actually, you'll see it appearing little by little, just like with the real Polaroids. Once it's done, the picture in big size and jpeg file is waiting for you in the "Images" folder of your computer. Very easy, very fun, very magical. So, go ahead, try this amazing PolaDroid application, and enjoy it!

You can also read a previous article i did one year ago about the PolaDroid app using pictures of the parks HERE.

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Pictures: copyright Disney, National Geographic


Anonymous said...


Polaroid has sold the rights and it has been announced that NEW Polaroid film (just like the original stuff) will be produced again this year along with a new instant camera. So real Polaroids are not dead afterall.

Connie Moreno said...

That is sooo cool!!

DisWedWay said...

Polaroids were always such a "Big" part of our design at WED and WDI. We were always running after the Polaroid to take instant pictures of something we were working on or maybe something in the field that might be used as a part of another, or just validation that "we were doing it right." I still have a lot of those type Polaroids and hope to see more in years to come.

Anonymous said...

Alain, I am constantly astounded at your ability to take the work of so many talented people, gather it together, add little to no information (often less than the book you scanned the pics from) and post it as if it's something you've created.

But I love your DLP book.

Alain Littaye said...

What are you talking about? These are all old Disney official pictures, except the top one who come from a National Geographic report and i don't think they were shoot by somebody from another web site, were they? And, by the way, i didn't scanned the pictures,they are (for 90% of them) coming from the Disneyland marketing office who delivered a CD with historical pictures of Walt when it was the DL 50th anniversary celebration. In fact, they delivered the CD to DLP press office who then delivered to me the pictures on another CD.

The only thing i did was to put them through the Poladroid app to give them some "Polaroid colours". I don't think i pretend in the article that i was the one who did the pictures, did I? I mean, these pictures are obviously from the 1950's-60's and i don't think that anyone can really think that i am the one who shoot the pictures!?!

So yes, i took old - and famous - pictures of Walt shoot a long time ago by somebody we will (unfortunately) never know the name, and i "transformed" them a little bit just for the fun to see how they will come out of this marvellous Poladroid App, but where is the problem? May be i've missed something, but frankly i don't see where is the problem here...

And, BTW, thanks to love my book!

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