Monday, February 1, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Original Artwork

I have a great artwork update for you today with most of the Universal Studios Singapore original artwork! As you know, the park will open very soon and as you will see most of the attractions will be "USS exclusive" which means that a lot of them don't exist in others Universal Studios theme parks.

Last October Universal Studios Singapore did a press conference where they've shown all of this artwork and the conference was filmed by Asia Travel Tips who had the good idea to put the video on line on Youtube. So, i did screen captures and enhanced the pictures to make sure they look as good as possible. However, because they are screen captures the pictures are not as high-res as usual but they're not bad either.

No artwork was shown for the entrance or the Hollywood set as well as for the New York area. However guests will find an attraction in the New York part called "Lights, Camera, Action" hosted by Steven Spielberh himself. This will be a "special effect" attraction and after the usual pre-show guests will enter an empty sound stage which will become the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City! It's a USS exclusive attraction.

Right next door guests will find Sci-Fi City with two attractions. The third one - a big "E-Ticket" will be the Transformers attraction, using the same technology than the IOA acclaimed Spiderman ride and will open in 2011. This first artwork below is supposed to show Sci-Fi City, but we will be lucky if it looks like that in real.

In Sci-Fi City guests will find a great dueling coaster "BattleStar Galactica", another USS exclusive attraction. There is two coasters, one is a "normal" one and the other is an inverted coaster as you can see on the picture below.

This next artwork is showing BattleStar Galactica's entrance.

During the press conference a short video was shown with all the queue decor and pre-show sketches. I put all of them on one picture, so click on the picture below to see them in details.

Always in Sci-Fi City a smaller attraction called "Accelerator", basically the same than the "Storm Force Accelatron" at Islands of Adventure...

...where guests will board some whirling "pods". Don't get too excited, though, as basically it's a kind of Sci-Fi version of the Mad Hatter Tea Cups!

The next land is Ancien Egypt and this one have a great theming. The designers did a great job recreating Ancient Egyptian temples and, although the Mummy attraction is not a "USS exclusive", everything else in the land is. This first artwork show the whole land.

The artwork below show, of course, the Mummy coaster attraction.

Another attraction of Ancient Egypt is called Treasure Hunters. Guests will explore the excavation site driving a vintage motor car, and lot of surprises awaits them! This attraction is a USS exclusive.

Next destination: The Lost World! This is the Jurassic Park land and a new version of the famous ride was designed for Universal Studios Singapore as it's no longer a flume ride but a raft ride. This first artwork show the whole land which also include the Waterworld stunt show.

The next picture show the different parts of the "Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure". A Universal creative explain this in details in the press conference video that you will find at the end of this article.

Another Lost World attraction is "Canopy Flyer" which look like "Pteranodon Flyers" at Islands of Adventure without the "wings" attached on the top. Guests, though, will have a great bird-eye view of the land.

And there is a reason why it's not called "Pteranodon Flyers" as another small attraction of The Lost World is also based on Pteranodon theming. At "Dino Soarin" children will pilot their own Pteranodon, a USS exclusive.

Another new little attraction should delight young kids. Called "Amber Rock Climb" kids will climb the walls of Jurassic Park to explore precious stones and fossilised insects. And a treasure awaits the one who will climb to the top!

The next land is Far Far Away, the land of Schrek, and guests will find there several attractions. I repost here the high-res picture showing the whole land and on the left the Madagascar land.

This next artwork show the entrance of Far Far Away castle when you come from The Lost World.

Inside the castle guests will find, of course, the Shrek 3D attraction...

...the great Fairy Godmother's Potion shop with not only merchandise but also games inspired by the world of Shrek, including a small Ferris wheel, "Magic Potion Spin"...

...and also a show called "Donkey Live!" where Donkey will entertain guests in an all-new interactive show.

Outside the castle, another USS exclusive ride called Enchanted Airways, a gentle junior roller coaster for a flight above Far Far Away and beyond.

The next and last land is Madagascar, another land exclusive to Universal Singapore and here is a first artwork showing the whole area.

Below, a new one showing the entrance with the giant tree and the ship.

A highly awaited - and unique - attraction will be the "Madagascar, A Crate Adventure" flume ride. Thanks to audio-animatronics figures, digital projection and moving show action effects the ride will be a totally immersive experience. And yes, there is a splash at the end!

The attraction of the land is "King Julien's Beach Party Go-Round", a carousel for young children with Madagascar characters.

We will end with this last artwork showing the carousel at night.

If you have the time, i strongly recommand you to watch the press conference on the three videos below. Universal creatives give more details on each attraction!

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Artwork and video : copyright Universal Studios Singapore


Anonymous said...

there are lots of pics on this site.

Anonymous said...

Basically it is Disney concepts repackaged by Universal.

john321 said...

In general, it looks like a nice new theme park. The original artwork is more inspiring than the actual result although.

I shall be honest; I consider the concept of building a roller coaster and tagging some kind of popular franchise on it (Battlestar Galactica in this case) pretty lame. Even if it is a duelling, inverted B&M (I love B&M, it's a pity Disney didn't find a way to fully integrate one into a superb new ride :)... But taking some ride off the shelf, slapping some minimal theming on it and calling it: ", The Ride" just doesn't do it for me... I would rather prefer the bareride, without the failed attemp at theming it.

And... Why, if they needed to put in the franchise so literally, didn't they build a Jurrasic Park attraction based on a moving vehicle ride for once instead of yet another water-based attraction? You know, just like in that first (and only digestable) movie? It's not like the technology is not available... (Just an example from the co-creators of recent incarnations of Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, RnRC and Expedition Everest:

Universal isn't Disney, so they might be forgiven to shuffle their franchise around their parks and pack it into attractions, restaurants and shops and even whole areas of the park.

Unfortunately, Disney is doing a lot of the same in an increasing rate. Nowadays, we don't just have attractions, shops or restaurants devoted to a certain theme, but whole lands like Cars land, Toy Story Playland, A Bugs Land, etc.

The original concept of Disneyland is far more appealing to me and probably to most people: Anything is somehow connected to each other, lots of backstory and details bringing the whole together. This adds something to the parks that goes beyond just standing in line for the next 2-minute adrenaline kick. Some people would call it the true Disney magic (not the magic they try to add to anything by just prepending the word "magic" to it).

Looking at the pictures and even the concept art, it becomes quite clear that this kind of magic was never really present in this park, which is OK for what it is.

RandySavage said...

GREAT post, Alain. Thanks for capturing all the art and putting it into one place.

Anonymous said...


hat are you talking about? There is nothing disney anywhere here. But a lot of it looks just as lame as most of the disney attractions.