Friday, March 19, 2010

" TRON " Monorail debut on Epcot Line

Since yesterday Epcot guests can see a bit of the TRON universe zipping high above their heads as renderings of yellow and blue light cycles have transformed one WDW monorail. A blue light cycle zips to the left along one side of Walt Disney World's "highway in the sky" and the yellow light cycle zooms to the right. This specially customized "TRON" monorail takes guests between Epcot and Walt Disney World's Transportation Center.

As always it's Inside the Magic who did the best video showing not only the train moving around Epcot but also inside the Transportation Center when the train stopped inside the station.

This next short video shoot by BravaCentauri shows the TRON Monorail moving inside Epcot at sunset.

Is it a good idea or a bad idea to have WDW monorails customized - and, in this case advertizing a movie? Let's say that the theming with this TRON visuals is okay, specially for the Epcot line. But let's hope it's not the beginning of a series, WDW monorails are not billboards and should be used for advertizing only exceptionally.

Video: copyright Inside the Magic, BravaCentauri

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Luray va accommodations said...

We just returned from Disney. Look for the new monorail, on the Epcot line. A total departure for Disney, the new exterior is totally painted in gold and blues, with "Tron" written on the side. Logo looks very cool!

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