Thursday, March 18, 2010

The making of WDS Toy Story Playland

March 17 was the date of DLP Annual Shareholders meeting and the keynote presentation was released today on DLP's corporate website. During the keynote a special presentation of Toy Story Playland was done by Imagineer Tom FITZGERALD, Executive Vice President and Senior Crative Executive at WDI, who came with a TSP making-of movie, great new concept arts and behind the scenes pictures. Let's explore this new documents!

On this first picture, a new and great shot of Toy Story Playland model.

Of course the new rendering showing the whole Toy Stoy Playland - that i've show you one month ago - was show to the shareholders.

At the entrance of the land will stand a 4 meters high Buzz lightyear. Here is a close shot on the model showing Buzz.

The next pictures show the making of this giant Buzz Lightyear.

It seems that the sculpture of Buzz have the approval of John Lasseter!

Then, it was time to presents the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Let's start by this new artwork showing the outside, with the parachutes.

This next one and interesting scene show the pre-show decor inside the Army's camp including a jeep and the Toy Soldiers.

Here are the Toy Soldiers - that guests will see in this pre-show scene - during their making - you'll note that they are not totally finished yet, just "fresh out of the mold".

This next rendering show the Toy Soldiers bringing a giant talkie-walkie...

...and here is a picture of the giant "Playskool" talkie walkie which will soon be in place at the WDS.

The next attraction presented at the shareholders meeting was Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin, and here is a new artwork of the attraction.

Also very interesting this new picture of the model. As you can see the queue will be inside a giant Slinky Dog toy box replica.

Here is John Lasseter having a close look to Slinky Dog during its making.

Let's have a look now to the last ride of Toy Story Playland: the R.C Racer half pipe coaster with, first, a new picture of the model.

This next picture of the R.C Racer model show the queue path which obviously is designed to look like a Scalextric track.

A giant R.C Racer will find its place in the decor...

...But the real big one is definitely the vehicle which will be used for the ride!

I remind you that Toy Story Playland is scheduled to open in August. As summer season is always the high season at DLP let's hope that everything will be ready eventually before, early July would be perfect, if possible.

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All pictures and artwork: copyright dIsney, Walt Disney Imagineering


robert metzler said...

dear alian there are room for toy story land like toy story maina and beyound and more room for walt disney studios parks

Robert/Cologne said...

Sorry to say I still hate the idea and wish the money had been spent on one decent attraction.

Owen said...

I have always liked the idea of toy story playland and do not understand why people are hating it before they know about it - wait until it is open before insulting it!

Personally I cannot wait to go late August and try these new rides.

Nicholas Tucker said...

Amazing article. Thanks for posting!

Mr. Angle said...

I don't think Disney is flawless by a long shot, but as exemplified by projects like this, they come up with genuinely clever and engaging ideas that mesh perfectly with a unified theme. This is what I appreciate most about Disney parks, much more than the rides themselves.

No matter what you think of Toy Story Playland, you've got to admit that Disney is a cut above all other theme parks in this regard, and that it's pretty amazing to get a glimpse into some of their creative process here on this site.

Jambashy said...

I really really hope it's open the first week of August coz that's when I am going!! Especially looking forward to the slinky ride!