Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jungle Cruise Original Artwork

We'll have a special Jungle Cruise artwork article today. The artwork below was of course created for Disneyland beloved attraction. As you know the original Jungle Cruise was created by legendary Harper Goff - picture below - so, this article is also a tribute to his work. As usual don't forget to click on each rendering to enjoy them in big size!

The next painting below is from the great Herb Ryman.

Let's end with a great artwork which was not part of the original Jungle Cruise artwork, but was done for a cover of the Disney news magazine some years ago.

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Artwork: copyright Disney, Disney Enterprises Inc


Christine said...

Oh - very cool! I don't comment often, but yours is one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for keeping it up!

Anonymous said...

j'aime bien cette attraction mais elle a tellement été copiée dans d'autres parcs... et pas souvent avec la meme qualité !

Maintenant le probleme est que Jungle Cruise a bien vieillit et je trouve dommage de ne pas la moderniser. Pourquoi par exemple, ne pas avoir re-thématisé l'attraction sur Tarzan ?

DisWedWay said...

Legends Mark Davis and Sam McKim were also involved in the original Disneyland Jungle Cruise design. Then again 20 years later when the show was enhanced after Walt Disney Worlds Jungle Cruise attraction. Almost 40 years after opening the load building was redone to look more like the original architecture in these renderings. Great and Timely collection of talent in your article today Alain!

Unknown said...

Great stuff Alain. I really enjoy your blog.

Marco Antonio Garcia. São Paulo, Brazil. said...

I agree with anonymous and think that the attraction should be modernized, along with some other vintage ones like the original fantasyland dark rides.
On the other hand, I think that they should keep its original theme. When they tried to add new characters to classic attractions they came up with the horrible Tiki room with Iago at the Magic Kingdom and Nemo in the submarine voyage in what is soon going to become pixarland at Disneyland.
I am totally in favor of adding 21st century technology to the classics, but preserving their essence.

mayumi said...

wow...amazing...but today I found that "river country" became a jungle sad....take a look.

I dont want to believe this... :(

Anonymous said...

There was a couple of these framed in gold and on the wall of the Disneyland hotel for many years. I wonder were they went and what they are worth?