Friday, March 26, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Special Effects Show " Lights, Camera, Action "

Among the new shows unique to Universal Studios Singapore is a brand new special effects show called "Lights, Camera, Action" hosted by Steven Spielberg himself. After the Spielberg pre-show guests enter what seems to be a boat shed and all the SFX show will take place during a major hurricane in New York bay.

As you will see on this video from the Sentosa theme park blog water, fire and destructions effects are part of the show, and much more until the final surprise - don't miss the end! According to a report by the Theme Park Guy web site "the effects appear a bit orchestrated and slow-motion, but (he) was told that the ride is still getting tweaked". It's usual for this kind of show to improve the effects after the opening, and probably it will be the case here.

And after you've watched the video jump to the Sentosa theme park blog where you can see many others good videos of Universal Studios Singapore. As here on Disney and more we will probably not talk a lot more about USS until the opening of the Transformers ride in 2011 the Sentosa theme park blog will be for you a good site to have fresh news from the park. Make sure to bookmark it! The Theme Park Guy web site also have a nice pictorial report on Universal Singapore.

Pictures: copyright Sentosa theme park blog, the Theme Park Guy, Universal Studios Singapore

Video: copyright Sentosa theme park blog

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Jules said...

Voilà qui fait d'Armageddon les effets spéciaux, une simple plaisanterie (de mauvais goût), espérons qu'imagineering aura des idées aussi sentionnelles pour le futur de nos WDS.