Monday, May 31, 2010

DLP Space Mountain 15th Anniversary Tribute

15 years ago, on May 31st 1995, Space Mountain was opening at Disneyland Paris. Tim Delaney and all the Imagineers who worked on the project did a fantastic job and the Grand Opening was memorable. I remember it well as i was there and guests stars from all over Europe and the U.S were invited. Buzz Aldrin was there, lot of french actors of course, but what DLP guests were awaiting the most was the arrival of David Copperfield and Claudia Shiffer. David and Claudia had a love affair at that time and i still remember their arrival on the red carpet, walking up Main Street to Discoveryland. Boy, DLP guests just became hysterical when they appeared!

The Grand Opening show was fantastic and lucky you, you're going to be able to discover it with this very rare video that DLP just put on line this morning! In addition, the beautiful Space Mountain picture above is in full high-res. Enjoy.

Picture and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Merci Alain,
I still have fond memories of the original ride. There's nothing really wrong with 'Mission Two' but the theming and music lack the finesse and grandeur of 'De la Terre a la Lune'.
A future 'Mission Three' should combine the best of its predecessors...or back to the original!
Good to have you back!

Tilburg NL

Anonymous said...

What a Fantastic Opening with Roy Disney. Loved the floating moon ball. I believe Tom Sherman worked on the Jules Verne Space Capsul which was also used as a float. Tom's had a full interior so I'm not sure where it was used in Discoveryland? Discovery Mountain is truely a Jewell in every element for Tim Delaney and Team. A Great Memorial Memory. R1

Robert/Germany said...

Such great memories,that music just brought tears to my eyes.I really miss the original Space Mountain.
I had won a comp with german pay tv Premiere so I was also allowed to ride before the opening.We also had to wear white overalls and remember feeling very special because we had no where to put our overalls after the softs and had to walk round the park in them all day.