Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Captain EO back at Disneyland Paris : Exclusive Interview of WDI Imagineer Rick Rothschild

Captain EO will be back at Disneyland Paris on June 12 and to celebrate this event here is an exclusive interview with WDI Imagineer Rick Rothschild! Rick, who was part of the team who designed the original concept is of course talking about the return of the attraction at Discoveryland but also reveals that other concepts were first envisioned for a Michael Jackson attraction, back 20 years ago!

I did the interview some days ago at the Cafe Fantasia located inside the Disneyland Paris Hotel at the entrance of the park and it was a beautiful sunny day. So, i've shot some new panoramic pictures and for once - as it is not usual - before you watch the intervew i'm going to show you the place where it was filmed. Click on each panoramic to see them in larger scale.

Here is the entrance of the Disneyland Paris Hotel.

The Cafe Fantasia is located at the 2nd Floor, in the center, where the castle club is and the two main restaurants.

Here is a panoramic shot of the Cafe Fantasia...

...and another one on a different angle.

From the Cafe Fantasia you have a great view on the Fantasia Gardens located at the entrance of the park.

And on the other side of the hotel guests have a great view on Main Street USA.

Okay, now that you know where this interview was filmed it's time for the show with this two parts video of Imagineer Rick Rothschild! The videos are in HD, so watch them in full screen mode!

Let's end this article with this collection of Captain EO high-res pictures that Disneyland Paris just released. Also, if you have 3D glasses i remind you that you can watch in 3D on your computer screen the rare comic-bok 3D of Captain EO released a long time ago. It's HERE.

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Video: copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more

Pictures: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Alain, Thank you for the "Flash Back" and "Fast Forward" on Captain EO. Good to see Rick is still carrying the torch on this one. I was fortunate to be at Tujunga working outside on TDL Big Thunder"s sets when Michael drove up in his Limo for the last days filming of Captain EO. He came over and took a breather while asking questions about all the artifacts before going in for the final filming. He commented that he sure would like some of the pieces for his place? Was that for the future Neverland? I told him he could see it all in place at Tokyo Disneyland. Funny his EO opened at TDL just ahead of us. Hope he went to Big Thunder there.

Anonymous said...

Et ben... que du nouveau à Disneyland !

Robert/Cologne said...

Hoping to go to the Shareholders meeting next friday and see Captain Eo then.Im so glad this is back even for a short time.Thanks for the pics and interview

Lord Of Amour Fantastique said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce sujet riche et très complet qui tombe à point nommé pour mettre en appétit juste avant la réouverture de l'attraction ! Fan de Michael Jackson depuis plus de 20 ans, et de l'univers Disneyland depuis plus récemment, je suis comblé ! Vos photos panoramiques sont vraiment sympas, l'interview intéressante et les photos promos comme la cerise sur le gâteau !