Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Cars Toon : Monster Truck Mater !

I don't know if you like them but personally i love the Cars Toon animated series. I'm a big fan of Cars and awaits the new movie to be released next year - as well as Cars Land in DCA, of course. Last night a new Cars Toon short called "Monster Truck Mater" was released on the U.S Disney Channel. Mater is supposed to be a super-star wrestler called "The Tormenter" and his team partner is "Frightening McMean"!

As usual, it's very funny and you can watch below the full short animated.

Also, jump on the Upcoming Pixar web site to read a great interview of Cars Toons Co-Director Rob Gibbs.

If you enjoy Disney and more, thanks for your support!

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Disney sold Miramax and all the Great quality films and material that they could build on in the theme parks.

best car said...

i love the Cars Toon animated too.....