Saturday, February 26, 2011

Discover a Pure Adventureland Dream !

In a previous life i was a photographer and i did dozen of special reports all around the world, mainly in "real Adventureland" locations. Whether it was inside the South-East Asia jungles or old temples or the tumbs of old Pharaohs in the Egyptian desert i've spent many years shooting pictures of amazing sites. And the good news is that i've decided to share these pictures with the rest of the world through great applications for the Apple iPhone, IPad or iPod Touch called "Asia Treasures", a journey through Asia's historical masterpieces. The first app to be released is all about a fantastic and not-so-known archeological place in Burma called Bagan.

Located 500km north of Rangoon and in the Mandalay division, Bagan is truly a magical place and a pure « Indiana Jones » dream: over 25 square miles, more than 2000 temples, pagodas and stupas of all sizes – some as high as cathedrals – standing in the plain and on the banks of the Irrawaddy river! If someday you'll make the trip to Bagan you won’t be disappointed. Above and below, some pictures to introduce this Asia Treasures - Bagan application (Please note that the pictures of the App - others than the Introduction pictures below - have no text written on them).

Created in 849 with the union of 19 villages, Bagan is, in fact, the old capital of the kingdom of Pagan, which was destroyed by Mongols in 1287. The site, as big as the one in Angkor, has been damaged by earthquakes many times, and some tourism developments prevented the site of Bagan to be part of Unesco’s World Heritage sites.

At the time of its splendor (1044-1287), half a million of inhabitants were living in the first Burmese Empire capital. Most of the buildings made fromwood are not there anymore, but Bagan, close to the Irrawaddy river, is a stunning archeological site and a witness to a strong Buddhist tradition. There are so many Buddha statues on Bagan’s site that it’s seemingly impossible to count them all! Bagan is definitely a not-to-be-missed site if someday you travel in south-East Asia.

Those of you who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will find the app in the iTunes Appstore under the name "Asia Treasures Bagan". The link to the iPhone version of the app is HERE and the one for the iPad version of the app is HERE. One more thing: the app cost only $0.99 - or 0.79€ - which makes it affordable for everyone, a very reasonable price to discover a pure Adventureland dream.

This App is also perfect to prepare a trip in Asia, for art lovers, or for anyone who wants to discover places of amazing beauty through hundreds of HD pictures. And if you are a WDI Imagineer, this app is full of great pictorial infos which can be helpful for an "Adventureland" design!

Here is some technical infos about the app as well as the app iTunes icon:

Asia Treasures - Bagan include seven chapters:

- Bagan Temples
- New bagan Village
- Irrawaddy River
- Bagan People
- Bagan Hotel
- Thanatar Gate Hotel
- Old Maps

App Features:

- Hundreds of HD pictures and text in English or French

- Wikipedia links for each picture for more infos on each chapter

- Menu for instant access to each chapter

- Image gallery to select pictures of a chapter

- Maps of Burma and Bagan

- Selection of favorite pictures

- A special "How to go?" section with travel infos and a selection of best hotels

- Slide show mode

Asia Treasures - Bagan is available HERE and HERE on the U.S Apple Appstore and is also available in others Appstore of your own country under the name "Asia Treasures Bagan".

Hope you'll enjoy the app! Thanks for your support!

All pictures: copyright Park Lane Editions


Mark said...

Congratulations, Alain! You continue to amaze me!

Shawn said...

What about those of us who don't have an iPhone/iPad or just want to view the photos on something a little larger? Is there any way to access these photos via PC? They look wonderful.

Alain Littaye said...

Shawn, unfortunately not. There is no way to see them if you don't have an Apple device as the hundred of pics are not uploaded on a web site, others than the one you see above. However, if you click on each picture above you will see them in bigger size.

sylvia said...

This is amazing! thanks for the great info :) I look forward to using the app

Anonymous said...

this app looks like a "must have" item for me...

thanks for all the great work
regular reader from Cologne

Jeff said...

This looks absolutely breath-taking. Any chance of an Android version for us non-Apple people?

Parker said...

Beautiful & breathtaking.
I love these pics. I hope you dont mind me using some for my screen saver.
Thanks for sharing

Alain Littaye said...

No problem, Parker; The App is not available any more but i intend to do an eBook anytime soon with the pics.

Maisie Cooper said...

Asian countries Have a very Rich & Beautiful Culture & that culture is displayed in their history, The beauty of their architecture & the centuries of history behind this make it a site to behold.