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Disneyland Paris Update : All about the 2011 " Disney Magical Moments " Festival

Quite a while since my last Disneyland Paris update but here is one with everything you need to know about the 2011 "Disney Magical Moments Festival". Note that the important word here is "moments" and as we all know "moments" means a few minutes, not hours. So don't expect a ten minutes ride for 2011 as there will be no one. No new fireworks or parade either, but a new show on Central Plaza and some little happenings - the famous "moments" - in both parks.

We will have a closer look to the official DLP press release but first, here is the first TV Ad, the one released in the U.K. They've been pretty smart on this one as no shots of the park are include in it, instead you'll see a family and the reactions - a bit hysterical - of the children after the announcement that "they're going to Disneyland Paris". Even with no shots of the park this TV Ad works pretty well and use the emotional effect - which is probably not so far of what is happening in real life when children learn about their future Disneyland Paris vacation.

Okay, let's come back to the menu of this 2011 Disney Magical Moments Festival which will begin on April 6th. Here is the press release in which i've included my own comments:

2011 Jumps into Disney Magical Moments Festival

This year, Disneyland Paris offers its guests more than a new festival, but the promise to live and relive a series of everlasting “Disney Magical Moments.”

Disney Magical Moments Festival: more emotion than ever before:
During Disney Magical Moments Festival that launches 6th April 2011 at Disneyland Paris, magic will reach great new heights. In 2011, guests enter the spotlight, starring in adventures inspired by Walt Disney Pictures films. From Fantasia to Alice in Wonderland, by way of Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and The Lion King guests take center stage and star in the stories. Girls get wrapped up in the classic Princess stories from Snow White to Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or The Princess and the Frog. Children and parents alike take part in the adventures of the new Disney-Pixar generation from Ratatouille, Cars, Wall-E, Monsters, Inc. to the very popular and recent Toy Story films. And each guest will create his own adventures based on his own personal Disney experiences. All-new moments to be lived in enhanced reality for memories that will last a lifetime.

Come get swept away by the whirlwind of “Disney Magical Moments!”
In 2011, get ready to experience endless magical moments, full of action, adventure and emotion! Moments like no others, which will take you on a dream getaway alongside family and friends. There’s something for everyone: all styles and all ages... Moments you create and experience, and which will be engraved forever as some of your most emotional memories.

A sparkling array of magical moments just waiting to be lived, captured and later retold by you! Precious instants in life that only Disneyland Paris knows how to create and which always begin with a simple yet emotional plea: ‘let’s go to Disneyland this year!”

Spotlight on 14 Disney Magical Moments

1 - Mickey’s Magical Celebration
Who can resist the magic behind Fantasia, when Mickey becomes an incredible magician?
Each day, to celebrate Disney Magical Moments Festival, the Disneyland Park stages a spellbinding show in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This fantastic new encounter stars Mickey surrounded by Disney Magicians, from Genie to Merlin, by way of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. Mickey becomes the illustrious Magician known the world over. An enchanting moment to share with all the dazzling Disney couples, as well. Anything is possible with a sprinkle of pixie dust and a little imagination.

D&M comment: This, apparently, will be a new show with lot of characters on the Central Plaza stage, with a 20 minutes length. From what i've been told it's supposed to be pretty good.

2 - Disney Princesses: A Royal Invitation

Just as every little girl dreams of becoming a fairytale heroine, few men can resist the charm of meeting a true Princess.
Where else than in Disneyland can you meet your favourite Disney Princess? Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana… they’re all waiting to meet you. A royal invitation to live and capture the most enchanting of Disney moments.

D&M comment: The new Princess meet and greet area is currently being build in what was formerly the It's a Small World post show. A cool post show but unfortunately DLP guests rarely took the time to explore all the magical projection effects. Personnaly, i will regret it. The opening of the new Princess meet and greet have apparently some delay but should open this summer and the theming of the area is supposed to be of very good quality and perfectly adapted to a Princess theme.

3 - Following the Leader with Peter Pan
Who hasn’t ever dreamed of skipping out on time to run away to Neverland and stay a child forever?
It’s going to be a real crocodile-snappin’ adventure for Lost Boys and Girls and absolutely anyone who’s never wanted to grow up. Help Peter Pan, Wendy and his band of Pirates give Captain Hook a real fright. A unique song and dance adventure with only one motto: “I won’t grow up!”

D&M comment: Now, this new little show which will happen on Adventure Isle and Captain Hook gallion might be fun if it's well done. May be one of the most interesting new thing to happen in the park this year. Basically it will be a small show with Peter Pan, Captain Hook and some pirates probably doing some swashbuckling on the gallion but some children from the audience might be invited to interact in the show.
By the way, the picture below and the one at the top are new official DLP pictures shot recently but only the one below is available now on DLP's press site. I wondered why until i had a closer look to the other picture, the one at the top of this article. My guess is that they thought that Peter's erected arm looks a bit too much like a Nazi salute. Of course it's totally absurd but it's true that some non-objective people who don't like Disneyland might use the picture in a bad way.

4 - The Wonderful World of Alice and The Mad Hatter

Who can resist celebrating each day for what it is—an incredible “un-birthday?”
The Mad Hatter has already set the zaniest of tables to celebrate thousands of un-birthdays in Wonderland. A great chance to savour a succulent cup of imaginary tea not far from the Dormouse and his teapot before returning to pursue the White Rabbit in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and taking a spin on the psychedelic attraction Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.

D&M comment: Mainly a photo location at the exit of Alice's Labyrinth where Alice's throne is. A table with teacups will be installed and we can probably expect the Mad Hatter character doing appearances.

5 - Adventureland rhythms of the jungle

For those who, like Baloo, only need the bare necessities!
The “Hakuna Matata” terrace has become the new hotspot for getting down in the jungle to the sound of tam-tams with the heroes of great Disney Classics such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King. Untamed winds are blowing over Adventureland and may bring along performances from characters such as Baloo, King Louie, Timon, or the wise old Rafiki for a frenzied dance or two. Their sidekicks Zazu and Kaa won’t miss the occasion to spice up your personal photo shoot.

D&M comment: Another photo location, this time in Adventureland, with Jungle Book-Lion King characters. Guests should be able to play drums on African drums which will be at their disposal.

6 - Moteurs… Action ! Stunt Show Spectacular featuring Lightning McQueen!
If you love thrills, spectacular special effects and the action of revving automobiles, then this show is for you…
The most exciting automobile stunt show welcomes a feisty new star! While the Disney-Pixar film Cars 2 is still in the makings, Lightning McQueen has decided to make a pit stop at the Walt Disney Studios Park! Lots of fast-paced memories await you during this exceptional appearance. Watch for the flag—Lightning McQueen is ready to hit the asphalt...moteurs ...action!

D&M comment: A "Lightning McQueen" car will be part of the WDS stunt show but don't expect McQueen to do dangerous stunts or to jump through a ring of fire. Looks more like a guest star doing a cameo appearance during the show.

7 - Meet Rapunzel from Walt Disney Pictures' "Tangled"

The latest Disney heroine from Disney Studios has set a new trend for long hair—endlessly long hair... Decidedly modern from her temper to the tips of her magical hair, Rapunzel has a way of moving people... especially her beloved brigand Flynn Rider. Discover her story and world by stepping into a giant pop-up book decor for a magical photo. And great memories lie ahead on the ‘hair’izon when you might come across them around Fantasyland!

D&M comment: Another photo location in Fantasyland with the Tangled characters.

8 - Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade with interactive show stops
Have you ever dreamt of being part of Disneyland Paris Parade?
This year, the Disneyland Park grants your wish and invites you into its fabulous Disney’s Once Upon a Dream parade. It’s revolutionary—the Disney films’ greatest stars and their friends encourage guests to take part as the parade moves along through numerous accessories, dance moves and other fantastic tricks!

D&M comment: Nothing new here, it's the same parade with guests interaction when the parade stops, although i've been told that the children interaction have been change a bit.

Note: The picture above, like all pics in this article, is coming from the DLP press website but a closer look reveal that it was shot at Disneyland, Anaheim, and not at Disneyland Paris!

9 - Green Army Men Meet & Play
Want to see what it’s like to be a toy?
Destination Toy Story Playland(3), the all-new land in the Walt Disney Studios Park with three new attractions: Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop and RC Racer! Andy’s Green Army Men enlist guests in an adventure in Andy’s extraordinary backyard and invite them to experience excitement alongside Buzz Lightyear and friends while reduced to the size of real toys.

D&M comment: The Green Army Men will appear, regularly, in Toy Story Playland.

10 - Smile and say "Cheese" with Remy and Emile
Saying “cheese” before a photo has just taken on new meaning!
Remy the gourmet and his gluttonous brother Emile have specially ordered a huge French cheese platter for guests of the Walt Disney Studios Park. Guests will love to pop their heads through the holes, while saying “cheese” for the photographer alongside the stars of Ratatouille. A fun food moment to remember forever!

D&M comment: Another photo location, this time at the WDS, that's basically what it is.

11 - Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy
What if you could scream to the top of your lungs with no limits?
Sully, top scarer at Monsters, Inc. and his faithful assistant, Mike, encourage guests to participate in a terrifying screaming contest. Meet them at Toon Studios to break the decibel meter and experience a spine-tingling moment with the Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy.

D&M comment: Like last year and the year before, DLP marketing dept try to sell the Monsters, Inc. Scream Academy like if it was something new, but it's not.

12 - Aladdin’s Magic Lamp
What if you could have three wishes from a magical lamp just like Aladdin?
It has been said that Aladdin’s famous magical lamp is hidden somewhere near Adventureland, in the newly-installed market of Agrabah... What could be the best way to release the Genie and receive your three wishes? Posing for a magical souvenir photo while rubbing the lamp!

D&M comment: It sems that we have here another photo location in Adventureland. An Aladdin decor with a magic lamp will be build and the lamp will make sounds when guests will rub it. Don't expect a Genie hologram coming out of the lamp, but the Genie and Aladdin characters will probably appear along the day.

13 - Share the love with Wall-E and Eve!
What if there was proof that love would still exist 700 years from now?
Come to Discoveryland for an encounter with Wall-E, the most lovable and earth-friendly robot who can’t hide his love for Eve, the prettiest android in the universe. A timeless love story full of humour and romance shared by two heroes from the 28th century.

D&M comment: And here is another photo location this time in Tomorrowland which was installed last year. See picture above.

14 - Disney Dance Express
Feel like partying with your favourite Disney character?
The “Disney Dance Express” train crosses Main Street, U.S.A., several times a day, and invites guests to get down to the rhythm of Broadway. Goofy, Minnie, Donald, Chip ’n’ Dale, and even Daisy and Pluto... They’re all ready to bring the Disneyland Park atmosphere alive with the “Magic Movers”!

D&M comment: Here comes the Disney Dance Express train, which is exactly the same train going down (or up) Main Street since the last four years.

(end of press release)

Alright, as you've read this "Disney Magical Moments Festival" year is an "in between" year and we'll have to wait for 2012 and the 20th Anniversary to eventually expect something really exciting. The Mickey’s Magical Celebration and Peter Pan shows might be fun but others will be mostly small happenings in each land if not simple photo locations. As no new attraction was expected in 2011 there is no real disappointment, but clearly the park is saving money this year. Will they spend more bucks for the 2012 20th Anniversary? This is what you'll learn in my next DLP update, coming soon, probably next week.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Brian said...

A pity they are not already building on new rides for the 20th... However, I like these new 'moments' DLP is introducing this year! This feels like an addition to great rides and great theming, even if your just walking around the sotries come more alive.
A place like adventureland sometimes feels a little dead, these new things might be a cheap way of getting things more alive again!

David N. said...

I wonder how many different names DLP will continue to create for this (anyway lovely) Character-Train running up and down Main Street?
Any information about the song used for it? Is it still the popular "Tous en train/All aborad" from the 15th anniv?

Milly said...

ive been to Disneyland Paris in 2008 and to be honest most of the stuff they said above was there when i went! i think for 2012 they should aim for at least 2 more new rides. maybe something like; Captain Hooks Rocking Boat or Princess Tiana's Froggy Spin (you could be sitting in a lilly pad or something).

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the Ratatouille ride at Studios? I haven't heard anything about this since Toy Story Playland opened featuring the Parisian streetscape.

Alain Littaye said...

You will have the answer in my next update, about the 20th Anniversary, probably next week.

Anonymous said...

Jen chci říct, co je to skvělý blog, máš tady! Byl jsem asi na poměrně hodně času, ale nakonec se rozhodla ukázat své uznání vaší práce! Palec nahoru, a udržet ji!